Monday, February 28, 2011

Wrinkles and Habits

Wrinkles come with aging; it is inevitable. Pollution, drugs, alcohol, sun exposure, genetics and stress are the main reasons why people wrinkle earlier in life. What I learned is this: the sun is a huge factor of our aging. That is why it is vital to moisturize our face, neck and chest because those are the areas most exposed. This is why we are recommended to drink at least 6-8 cups of water a day! I am trying hard to drink that said amount, but the need to rush to the bathroom so many times a day leaves little to be desired. I do not like public restrooms! They are dirty and most times, they do not have the basic toiletries. However, when it comes to beauty, time and discipline (sometimes pain for waxing and the sorts) comes with the territory. Girls after all, have higher pain tolerance than our counterparts. This is a scientific fact. Look it up if you do not agree. (^__^)y

My current topic in school is: facial. This is why my post is revolving around this. It gave me information to piece together this for you, my readers. Our daily habits also contribute to our face. When younger, I noticed my cousin would rub her eyes upward (a habit of hers). She also had eyelashes that curl upward. The reason why her lashes curl is because of her habit. My friend's habit is to rub her palm up her nose whenever there's an itch. Her nose goes up. Its just a slightest habits we do to our faces that changes it over the years. So, my advice is: if you have a habit of pulling your face down, instead, lift it up. This will help change the sagging of your face overtime. Some people have a habit of resting their cheek on their hand when bored. This will cause awkward and uneven facial wrinkles in the future. Instead, try resting the hand on the scalp instead.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recommendation: Herstyler Flat Iron

After asking around my school, I was given great referrals for this flat iron. My instructors uses this brand in their own salons. The smaller the width, the better for control when flat ironing hair. So, this one incher works great. Herstyler flat irons are sold in mall kiosks and the one I have up sells for $100+ retail. In Amazon, it sells new for only $30! I was effy about buying it from Amazon because it seemed too cheap to be in good condition. Well, I tried it out many times and it works great! It was an added bonus that the shipping was fast too.

Ceramic irons are better for the hair unlike its old fashioned iron plates. This flat iron heats up fast and is really easy to use. I don't flat iron my hair (its already straight), but like to mess with my mannequin's head instead. See, I would braid my doll's hair and let it curl over night so that I could flat iron it for instant, soft and straight results the next day. The following pictures are proof of what I mean. No products were used to aid my Herstyler iron. The change looks really nice doesn't it. You can click here for a direct link to the company's website and will see how much of a deal Amazon will give you. =)

Before Front
Before Side
After Front
After Side
Lo's hair flat ironed on the top. Soft and bouncy

I apologize to readers for my poor blogging posts recently. Netflix has been occupying my time!
(0 ^__^ 0) I am watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning and am enjoying every moment! $10 a month people! WOW what a crazy steal! That's my laptop in the background with Grey's Anatomy season 3 on!

THIS IS MY 100th BLOG POST!!!!!! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


No more fighting!!!! =) Things have been better now and I feel that these past weeks of craziness has strengthend my relationship with Lo. I haven't the time to go into detail of events because I am a Netflix member!!!!!! Going to continue watching Grey's Anatomy, season one! =) For only 10dollars a month, I can watch so many freaking movies and tv shows that blockbuster would charge for over 100s of bucks!

Today is Lo's 22nd birthday!!!!!! Got him presents!!!! I hope he likes them!!!! And!!! On Saturday, we will go get him glasses so he could drive safely at nights. His contacts dries up during the day and it doesn't aid well during nights.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Lonelyyy I am so lonely.. Im on my ownn

Lonely valentines day. Melody cheered me up with food (was starving) and a giant valentine pencil!!!! Was bummed out today because I didn't see Lo for two days. He has been disappointing in the romance department for a few months now... Friends have been sharing really great stories of their own love lives and I am so envious! I am happy for them! Definitely! But, I am sad about mine. =(

 Thank you Melody for driving me home too! It was raining! She is such a sweet heart!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday with Quynh

Lo was my model for makeup! He reluctantly sat on the stool and made it a pain to apply makeup on, but I managed! I wanted to try giving him a nice goatee and some bruises. Here are the results:

temple/cheek bruises
eye bruise

=) He can't grow a goatee because of his genetics, so I wanted to see how he would look like. I faded both the goatee and the bruises so much! They should be darker!


Hung out with Quynh today! She is such a sweet heart! She likes to shop, this one. Though, she didn't buy anything for herself. We walked to downtown and walked so much that our feet were sore. She was looking for shoes and a gift for her husband. I was also in search for a birthday gift for Lo..

We ate in the Westfield shopping center. Our choice of food was Korean! I had their noodle with salmon and lemon chicken. It was yummy =). Thanks Quynh for lunch! When I took my phone out of my wristlet, my 20 bill fell out somehow. =( I didn't realize that I lost it. Such a complete waste of good money!!!!! Why couldn't the dollar drop instead???

Old Navy was one of our many stops. I got this tank for both of us because it looks pretty in real person. She was shopping for everyone else but herself and I knew she wanted one too. She's like a little sister that hurts me for real. +___+


Her phone is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to take pictures of it and share to you all! =)

Her late birthday gift for me! She told me her husband came home and saw it wrapped up and thought it was for him! He was bummed after getting excited for nothing. Its okay though! He will be super happy with his gift when he recieves it tomorrow! I wrapped it and made a ribboned rose too for it too.
She made this cute strawberry short cake clay figurine too! =)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Lo and I took a nap on my floor today. There was a car outside that kept going off!!! The alarm was so loud and it didn't stop! Lo acutally timed in during our drifting to sleep phase: 5 seconds of break between 22 seconds of alarm blasting; this went on for over an hour. It was SO ANNOYING! But Lo and I were both  drained from the week's lacking of sleep and managed to muffle to noise out a bit.

I dreamt that I took a nap on the floor with Lo. We both woke up and he told me that we would not see eachother for five days each week because of school and work! I was not happy about it and to top it off, my tooth chipped and fell out. It was almost two inches in length that fell out. I picked up the tooth and tried to place it back in my mouth. I felt like gagging and was very unhappy. Lo said he hoped I get better and left. ( that was my dream )

My dad woke me up right when Lo closed the door in my dream! I woke up to see Lo feets away from me, still sleeping. My indignation was gone because I soon realized it was all in my head. But, I felt even more tired before sleeping! I was basically dreaming about taking a nap and waking up only to do the same thing in real life! Pathetic!

Hers magazine

HELLO!!!! Been awhile since I posted a decent entry. I have been tired lately. Changes in the school again. The current owner wants to sell the school. If he cannot sell it within 2 months, he will close the school. Lucky for us, Mei is wealthy enough and very interested in buying it. She has had education on both hair and facials in China and her husband is currently a business man. They are fully capable to run the school and I believe her intentions are very good. She wants to make the school better. She has complained in the past about the level of teaching and the system of this school. I truly hope she gets approved to own the school and that it goes smoothly for her! Our current instructors will stay with her if that is the case. Lets see how things ago. I still have 4 more months of beauty school left! Then there will be more months of waiting for testing date.

This blog post will contain many pictures from a magazine I was looking through earlier this week. I really like these hairstyles and it suits the Asian face nicely. The flexibility of these hairstyles are truly inspiring- to me at least.
fun and fresh
sophisticated date
teacher look?

I really like how this cut is very different when styled. Same lady, different look. Of course, her makeup, clothing and accessories are huge factors to the changes. The first picture is my favorite style for this haircut. It is a blunt cut, thinned and layered.
mature look
softer visage
au natural

These four pictures are of the same lady! Look at how different her hair looks! Very textured hair, very layered! I can definitely imagine how easily her hair dances around. I love how it frames her face in the second and third picture.


This isn't really my favorite style, but it has alot to do with the bangs. I do not like the bangs here. Her side however, I like. Her hair was thinned and it may be slight A-line hair cut.
curls inside
swept bangs
curls outside

This haircut doens't give much room for changes of style, but still looks good. I love that this magazine does not show only the young. They have women of all ages in here and I feel that it is more real and personal- relate-able.

I like the way her haircolor was applied. There are three different tones of brown in her hair and it looks really nice to me. I want this for myself!

I should try to emulate this haircoloring technique on my doll's head.

From left to right: I like the first, second and the last. The picture in person looks alot better!


Okay, my time telling skills are not up to par, but I would like his and hers watches! White is nice! I won't be using it to tell time... it will just look nice on my wrist! =) ... waste of money? I agree! That is why I will not buy watches! I really want those gold bracelets that Vietnamese girls wear! I do not want seven or eight of them at a time, but just a few.

I find this freaky and also am awed by it. I believe they are preserving the animal. The one that we can see is a baby calf. One container shows half of the calf so one could see the insides. I cannot read the magazine because it is in Japanese, but why would anyone want this as home decor? Its freaky!

They look like Burkins!!!! I like the solid colors more, though I would not buy, nor use them. They would be nice in my closet as part of my future collection of purses and bags! X)
small bowed flats
pretty bracelet
causal-wear collars
I don't understand this, but I will assume that they are telling the public this: for squared face people, round glasses frames works best and vice versa.
The magazine's cover! This was a 2008's issue and I saw this laying at school. A customer must have forgotten it because I saw it around for two weeks with no one to claim it. Its very thick too.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Americas most wanted on hulu with Lo. Still no presents. :(

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy anniversary to us! 33 months!
No presents again :(

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!


My family came over for dinner to celebrate the new year! If the holiday was during the weekend, they would have came for lunch too. During the weekdays, people have school and work. Mom went crazy this year making lots of foods to eat. I wanted a family photo because its only today that we were all together. Other family gatherings consisted of San Francisco people only. This is just my dad's side of the family who live in the bay area (Pui was at work and didn't come). There were 23 people total in my home, but only family were photographed. My mom's side didn't they come. I am in the back wearing glasses. It is time for me to get a different frame! I am tired of the thick pink around my eyes.
These two silly ones kept pestering Andre! They were so cute doing so! They actually sang him a song so he could sleep and then pretended to sleep themselves. Amber was being a good daughter and kept a distance away from Andre's body. Her parent's are very strict because she has asthma. I am happy that the little ones are not scared of my baby anymore! They treat him with alot of care and play with him lots now.

Andre is wearing a Chinese jacket! =)
The three kids of my family with Lo. They are all wearing stripes! I did not notice it until now. =) We were hiding in my room to avoid the crowd.

before trade =)
20 in singles

To prepare for some soft core gambling, I had to break into my savings of tip money (from haircuts) for the first time. I didn't want to take from there so I traded larger bills for the singles.

We were all over the place and had to shout out numbers. Only two games were played because Riley (three years old) was rowdy. =) He kept running around and ruining people's card placements. We were playing bingo, one dollar a card!
Here is the cutey now! He ruined Lo's board. =)

We used watermelon seeds to place our called numbers. After everyone left, it was all over the place. The cause of the mess was because of Riley!

Riley's dad, Kyle and Tommy won!
Vietnamese Bingo
After some family members left, we played another game. This one was where you lose money faster. There are six different pictures and one just places money bets on them. There are three dices with the pictures on them. Whichever the dices show will be the winning pictures. If you bet big, you can either win big or lose it all. I lost 30 bucks total. Lo lost 35. Sometimes the dealer loses alot of money, but other times, he/she can win big.

Frank was our dealer; he brought lots of singles for this.

This picture was taken at the beginning. Only dollar bets here. A short time later, fives, tens and twenties were used! (+__+) Linh and Frank won this year! Every year Lo and I lose!!!!! Why is that??? He won lots at the beginning but kept playing and lost it all. I think that when Lo and I actually start working, we will use more money. As for now, we were stingy with our playing.
Today's red envelops collection! I will be getting more later. =) They look pretty! This is the year of the Rabbit/Cat!