Monday, January 31, 2011

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Vietnamese Tet Festival at the TL. Its really boring there. The only bonus is to meet family and friends during the festival, but my friends and family do not go here. The only food booth that doesn't sell prepackaged foods (there were very few food vendors as is) was the BBQ booth. Lo and I each got BBQ chicken with French bread. We filled them with hot stuff. =) Very full after eating! This festival needs to do more than just advertisement booths!
They had a sliding ramp and this Ferris wheel for the first time! I have been going there every year since birth! My studio apartment used to be where the festival takes place so I would just go back and forth if I wanted to rest or explore again. Anyway, my cousin and nephew are riding on it! They are the ones on the bottom with three people riding. The boy in the middle belongs to my cousin's friend.
=) My nephew is on the right!!!! Linh was scared during the ride. Lo bought Durango those firecracker pops that cost $5 for two boxes. These pops were really loud like actual firecrackers! Durango ended up giving the other box to his friend and ignored me... jerk! I will spoil Amber from now on! PPSHH!!!
This doodle was done during school today. Both Jenny and Melody were absent for the entire day so I was lonely and bored. There has been no wifi in school since Thursday! Lucky I quit Haypi or I would have been very pissed and stressed out because I would need to feed my troops. =)

This doodle was done for Melody. I taped one Ferrero Rocher candy on the sun (original) and one on the moon (dark).

I had my first facial today! =) My classmate, an esthetician, did it. It was very relaxing and my face was glowing afterward. I later dyed his hair for him. He is a swimmer so his hair color had some greenish tint from chlorine exposure. School did not teach me this and I doubt they will, but I read online that chlorine tends to cause blond/light hair to turn green. It is best to stay away from ash colors. Unfortunately for me, my classmate wanted to put ash in his hair to counter his natural red tones! That resulted in his current color: dark blond with, alas, dark[er] greenish tones! =( I will tell him that tomorrow. He likes the color though.. I do not think he notices. However, I will tell him tomorrow. =(

This is my collection of nail polishes!!!!!!! I must have spent over $1000 on hair and nail supplies! I don't even use them on myself! This is just for my collection. I need to practice with my nail designs again; it has been a long while since I did.

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