Monday, January 24, 2011

Phone test

Testing testing 123. I am sending this via phone as a text message. :) I could start updating like a twitter account through my blog! How exciting! I need to check if sending pictures will be extra charges to my phone plan, but I would really love to. I have unlimited text plan! Yay!

Right now, I am at school working on my text book/workbook. Everyone went to lunch and I may not see Lo today. Oh poo! Today is state college student's first day of Spring semester.

My desk looks very nice! I really like it, but it makes my room very crowded. So, I must start throwing away stuff I don't use. It makes me sad because I kept lots of stuff as memorabilia over the years. Stuff animals, boxes, paperwork, and others. I have to let go! I'll do it today or this weekend when moms not home. She gets mad if I throw stuff out. We are a bunch of packrats, my family.
Agh had to go back and edit everything! Texting only allows limited posting. So my posts gets cut off into separate entries. Glad I have wifi so I could fix the problem. The texting ability allows me to post simple sentences like a twitter would. I see now. :)

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  1. pay attention in schooL! +). take your phone away and give you detention!