Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spade309 has retired =)

So, I have killed all my troops.. and typed out letters to alliance members. It feels kinda weird and I don't think that I will actually stop playing.. all together. It takes gradual steps. I think I may start playing again in maybe a few weeks, but I hope not! AND! I need to prove it to Jenny and Melody that I can quit! X( THEY DON"T BELIEVE ME! =)

Shoutouts to:
Hephaistos- You were in Gambit and stuck with me. =) Thanks for your wisdom and making my mind work hard! Hours of learning philosophies, history and Greek mythology! I forgotten this quote of yours, but I remember liking it lots.
Foreverrun- =) you made chat lively back in Gambit! It was really fun getting to know you. Good luck in school and life!
Janabama!- At first I thought you didn't like me, but yeahhh I think I was wrong on that part. You were really nice and I hope everything goes great for you!
Cren110- Thanks for not expecting so much from me and made the game about friendship! And thanks for following my blog and playing cityville! =)
Liutzcn- I am sorry I questioned your loyalty, though it was hard not to because of how they tried to trick me (outlanders)! You were really nice and I am glad we met via game
Deronlee- YOUU!!!!! We met because of Ancients! You were one of the few who reached out to a stranger from another alliance and did not expect anything more than friendship. Trust was built between us and friendship followed =)
Seiran- Just met you after the merge between Royal and Phoenixx. Our very own singer! Very cool!
TheScourge- You are a mystery to me, but you were with Lo and I since the very beginning! We leveled up together and such and such. Thanks for sticking though I am very sure you were contacted by many as a recruit! =)
Pitydafool- =) you are so funny! Our friendship was built when you contacted me and I stole you from your alliance! Well, I told you not to come, but you did anyway. =) Hope your own alliance is doing great!
Xanadeus- Passonate, that is the word for you. Your personality is very strong and sometimes you come off a bit scary to me. However, you do seem like a good person and I admire your determination and appreciate your honesty and advices, random as they were. =)
Jasonpp- Your name is funny and I never told you that! You Voodoo-ed my Lo and I have yet to kick your bootay for that! =) Thank you for reaching out to me long ago when you were in Harbingers and allowing me to vent pages to you of my emotional breakdown. =X yeahhh I had it bad for the Haypi game back then.
Kingsagir- Though you were the one who attacked me along with Killbank, you were kind enough to apologize. =) and you kept your word. Nice person you are!
Knightrulz- You were there during Gambit and left after the fall. Its fine. =) You were really friendly and I remember that. Made my first days playing fun.
Smarfield- you too! =)
Thevabe- Getting to know you was fun too! Though it was short lived now.
Ax3Bl4d3- Thanks for coming to Phoenixx with me after Gambit. Hope life will be fun for you
Angellica- Recently, you have contacted me several times to join your alliance and well, I find you a nice person. =)

and last but NEVER least, JOKER69!!!!!! I hate your username! freaking support changed it for you!!!! JERKK!!!!! But, I love you!!!!! =)
The names are inorder of my member list and not by favorite people.

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