Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something new

I have problems with hair loss. It may be many factors: genetics (mom and grandma have low density of hair too), lack of iron in body due to monthly flows, stress, use of hot water and my daily shampoos. Yes, I shampoo my hair everyday and use hot water. I believe this grooming habit of mine makes it worse.

If I skip a day, my hair becomes this greasy mess, itches up and drives me crazy! I had tried to experiment in the past by skipping a day, but end up going back to normal routine soon. Just recent month, my hair loss was terrifying. Hair would fall out by handfuls after showering and it freaked me out. I notice that when I braid my hair up, my diameter was less than my usual penny size! So, I experimented again with the skipping of shampoos- this time every two days will allow for shampoo.

I started this experiment two weeks ago, give or take a few days, and notice change! After the first day, I wanted to shave my hair off because it felt so disgusting. But, thanks to the new Tresemme product: Freshstart, it saved my appearance and hair texture! At night, I would braid my hair so that I won't feel the oilyness. Getting ready in the morning is easy for me. I just unbraid my hair and spray the product on, let it sit for two minutes and then I comb my hair. The grease gets absorbed and combed out and my hair is once again volumous! It doesn't feel very clean, but that is what I need to get used to.

When I asked my classmates who have thick density of hair of their daily groomings, they told me that they do not wash their hair everyday, only twice a week or even once a week. This is why I was more motivated this time around to try experimenting. I lose very little hair now and I can feel my hair density after braiding, it more than before. The difference is not much since hair does need time to grow out, but at least I am not losing by the handful anymore! YAY! I still hate the feeling of oiliness and look forward to my shampoos, but at least this is working!

After every wash, I use John Frieda's Frizz-Ease spray to add in moisture onto my hair because my shampoo and the weather dries it up. I had never used products on my hair but these works! =) That is why I recommend if any of you have the same problems I do.


I just bought a new desk! Today in fact! Lo and I haven't finished putting it together and will continue when I see him again.. in two days. Sucks. My room is so ugly now. It has to be finished before lunar new year! There is still plenty of time though, but I would like to have my room cleared before then. The desk is L-shaped which will allow me to have my own manicure station when I have family or friends over. =)

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