Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Meuy Christmas

School started again today... BOOOOO... I am trying to make an effort to go to school on time or at least, earlier than I had before! It starts at 9am. I came at 9:45 today! Cheers! It beats the old time of 11 or 12! I make myself wake up earlier to manage my Haypi game first, took an hour, then head off to school. It was chill today. I cut two client's hairs and then left with Melody to City Hall so she could get her marriage license. =) We ate at McDonalds (my first time in a while, I usually go to Carl's Jr for their jalapeno burgers).
Stuff happened after Wednesday of last week but it has been cleared today. Just want to vent it here though. I went home to check my email and saw that I was charged $19.99 for the application Henry made me download for him. I was so livid with anger that I called Henry and yelled at him. He sounded surprised and his voice was filled with remorse that I felt guilty after hanging up. SO PISSED OFF but I felt sympathetic. Why me and why do I have to be so compassionate?? (12/31)

Long story short, Henry paid Lo for the items ordered and service fees (only $40) and me back. I wrote him a letter on a free card I got from the mail and had Lo give it to Henry as they were to meet before school started. My first letter was shorter and more meaner. Lo and I agreed that I should write another one. So I did. My second letter was longer and more kinder. I graffiti the card+envelop to make it appear friendlier because he is after all, still my superior and I need him to teach me. I had my Andre lick the seal! X) Lucky Henry got my baby's love. (12/31)

I was nervous going to school this morning because I was wary of what was to happen, but it went better than expected. Henry came over to me and said he liked my Christmas card. It felt normal in school. Overall, a good day. My first client, though he didn't tip me, was very nice and will be my regular client! =) He was in the military then became a hippie. I was his first haircut in 10 years! Super weird fellow, but kind nonetheless. My second client was a bore but tipped me two bucks.

<--- cover of the card (12/31)

I met Meuy up during my week off! Long time no see and still always great! Amazing person she is! I enjoy spending time with her lots! However, I keep bringing Lo with me and I know its not right, but I feel conflicted.. I want to be with Lo and I want to be with her too! So I may as well have both together; it is selfish I know. She didn't come all this way to hang out with Lo and I. She came for me! I do this with all my friends though.. I want it all.. =(

She lost weight! =) Happy for her! I shall follow suit and continue to strive! +( But it seems that I haven't lost any weight at all in recent pictures! AH ME! =( I like to eat.

Her gift for me! ERMM I didn't even know there was a tag!!!! =( I didn't read it. OOPS! I am so bad! I always go for the gifts first.. I love them! =) comfy and cuteee!

socks to match!
shirt =)

We went to eat dimsum at Hong Kong Lounge on Geary street since I was really craving.. =X Could have went with Hang but another time! The wait to get our table was an hour but Meuy agreed it was worth it! YUMMY! I ordered so many things on an empty stomach.. so many that we had to take lots home. We were so stuffed! I believe that is why it is best not to hang out with me on a daily basis; I get people fat!
Shrimp fun Cherng!!! I absolutely love this dish and so does my Lo! The sauce changes everything. So simple and yummy! I converted Meuy to like this one! =) I ordered two dishes just in case.. all gone in less than 5 minutes.
Fried shrimps, Ha gow, flat noodle wrapped bread, and potstickers. All gone too!
I ordered three of these mango pudding! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! We were insanely full when this came and there were still more dishes coming!
Tofu skin, siu mai (shrimp kind, I don't like the meat). The tofu skin tastes better than it sounds.. or looks. But we were sooooo full that it was hard to enjoy anything when these came. Still more came.. I didn't take pictures of the rest. We had a total of 17 dishes for three people. Yeah.. my fault! I was the one who ordered. X) It was good though!
Meuy treated me to this after window shopping around downtown. We first went to two starbucks cafes but both were filled with people/ no seating area. SO, we opted for the Border's cafe instead. It was a wise choice because our drinks were satisfying and we had a table to just chat.

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  1. Did you try on the things Meuy gave you silly? did it fit? you didn't mention anything about it yet =x. craving for dim sum? take you to eat eat eat, munch munch munch!