Saturday, January 15, 2011

School Blues

My laptop ran out of memory so I can't transfer my pictures from my phone to save them.. It is mostly just junk stuff and I am waiting for Lo and help clear them for me because I do not know anything about my laptop except how to use the internet and well, very basic stuff.

School will not be fun anymore.. at least for the time being. The owner had set up more regulations and rules and it feels like an opression! I went to school on time for two days! Had to ask Melody to open up her wifi so I can manage Haypi during class. I have to redo my hunting and training time now because a new instructor will come on Monday. The owner is taking away Ms. Vicki and may take Henry away too. So, the change is this: if I come late, I will be written up. If late three times a week, I will be suspended for a week. If more than that, I will be kicked out and the school will keep my tutition money. If I wear jeans, I will be written up. If I leave for lunch, or go anywhere, I will be written up. If I chew gum, use my cellphone or decline a client (even if that client stinks), written up!!!! Freaking hell, its like we paid to learn from them and they are treating us like slaves! There are very stinky and dirty people who come in to get services in my school. So gross! And we will have to service them.

Okay, about what happened at school days ago, a student was unfairly escorted by police and banned from coming back to school! She had only 8 more hours left and that day was her last day! The school is so wrong! EVIL MAN!!!!!!! This is her life and they just did that to her! I mean, comon! She just yelled a bit. No body was hurt and she didn't harm anybody or thing in the process! They gave her no chances and just kicked her out. So mean! The school is ruled by a dictator who is cold and two-faced! He said he would call her to talk about a resolution but never did. He said he was an understanding man and the next day, he told instructors that he would not bring her back! Horrible! She is normally a very nice and helpful student. She would help new students and take on all clients when asked to. This is complete injust! The school had many meetings because of that and I feel a great dread to come to school now. I hope this new instructor will be friendly because nobody is happy about these new changes.

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