Thursday, January 6, 2011

Say what? =)

Remember the Henry incident? Well, today he told me that no one had ever did that to him before. Did what I asked, yelled at him? He said yes. He said when he opens his own salon someday soon, he will call me. He wants Seegil (she is really good at what she does and have her own clientele base already) and I to work along side him. He said I am smart and he liked how I was not scared to yell at him. He will teach me more if I do work with him later in the future. I find it really funny and pretty darn cool. =) I may take up on his offer, but I would like to find a job in an upscale salon to learn more there first. This being said, I will delete the mean pictures of poor teacher Henry that I had posted up earlier. =X EEP!

I am so sleepy! Must sleep early tonight! Have been making great efforts to go to school early... Haypi Kingdom is so bad for me! Maintaining my ranking is so hard! Rank 3 now!!!!!! YAY! I actually dreamt of the game last night! I dreamt that the two top players were attacked until their prestige went down to 700 or 70ish! It made me feel so sad for them but at the same time, I felt scared for my troops too! For some reason, the top two players, although their prestige depleted, still were the top 2 in the server! How unfair! And then my in my dream state, I was a virtual player in the game, walking on the game's maps and trying to make my way through it unharmed. Ah me! I acutally got Lo to play with me again. He and I were making our way through the map, hiding from other alliance members to avoid trouble. This game is taking over my subconscious now!

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  1. Henry is weird! & don't give people bad advice to be mean to their boss and stuff you nut head =). only you get away with weird things like this!