Monday, January 24, 2011


Mom came to school unannounced and had me cut her hair! Her hair is similar to mine but alot worse. Her hair density is low and it was very limp. She had let it grow pass her elbows. So, to give the illususion of volume without giving it too many layers, I gave her a blunt cut with 45degree layers after. Looks nice right? I like it alot because I was just winging it and surprised that it came out like that! Her hair likes to dance around (curl a bit) so you can't see that its really a straight cut. I convinced her to dye it because she has long grays sprinkled around her head; she hadn't dyed it for years. Mom is 52 years old.

This picture was taken after the cut.

Her hair color is still the same and very subtle change because I didn't want to alter her looks so much. She is older and our tastes are the alike. We both like to look natural (ironic!). That is my aesthetic and will be so, coming out of beauty school. I really like simple-to-maintain, but classy looks. Styles, that when people look back and still like it, that is what I rather do. Following the trends may not stick in years to come (mullets, afros, flock of seagulls, etc). However, that doesn't mean that I will be a prude; I will try my best with whatever is requested of me from my future clients. 

Anyway, after dying mom's hair, I did a deep conditioner to take away the damage of chemicals done earlier. She is very happy about her look! =). YAY! She seems to be more happier about my choice of career now, after seeing what I did for her. She is ready for the New Year! (Lunar New Year)

We went to Sai Jai Thai for dinner. This was what I had. Number 26. I don't know what it is called because the name is in Thai laungue. It was delicious! My tummy hurts now though, but it started before eating. I think it was because I didn't eat the entire day and now I am paying the price.

This was two days ago. Lo and I were assembling my new desk! It took up all the space in my room. We had to take everything out of the box because it wouldn't fit in his car that way. Everything was carried little at a time up the stairs.. three floors up.. and then assembled. OMG It was so tiring! I sweated bullets after bringing everything up! We didn't finish putting everything together until the next day.
TADA! Finished product! My L-shaped desk! Its not positioned to my wall yet, but still, you can see how pro-pro it looks. =)

Thank you Jenny!!!!!!!!! =) YOU SWEET SWEET GIRL! I asked her to buy two for me but she got me one for now. She wouldn't take my money!!!!!!! I need to pay her back! This one will be given to my niece, Amber, because Hello Kitty is wearing glasses like mine! She needs to be reminded of her auntie! =) I should get one for Tila too! hmmm.. I think I will! They are tin lunch boxes by the way; they could be used to store items and not only for lunches because kids today are weird. They like sillybandz for crying out loud!
(0 ^___^ 0)

I am spade309

So, after reaching to rank 2, the world chat of Haypi Kindom mentioned me briefly! =) I am famous and I am a mystery! Only a handful of people know that I am a girl playing! BAHAHHAHAHAA

Well, my moment of glory is very short lived because the server merge was today and now, I am rank 17. BOOOOO I shot down so much! I do not feel like playing anymore because I do not want to try so hard anymore! I miss sleeping in and not having to care about my troops. Starting over in this new server is so lame! My cities are too close together and the forts will be all farmed. This will take longer to build up again. BOOO.. I could move my cities but that will waste coins the coins I saved up earlier. It takes 40 coins to move a city and the game gave everyone 30 coins for each city. That is not enough! So I think I will quit very soon. It is time to move on and focus my energy on my life and future.

I had made friends or friendly exchanges between people through this game. It was very fun while it lasted. Though, many did quit over time. I think that I will make a nice shoutout list of to the people who made Haypi Kingdom a fun[ner] experience. My first intereactive game people and I got up to rank2! =)


  1. YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME! =). CONGRATULATIONS ON RANK 2 DARLING! you nut head who pays a lot more attention to haypi than me T_T. LOVE YOU! miss you lots today! come kiss me! home is SUPER lonely ><

  2. AND WOW! =). YOUR MOM TRUSTS YOU WITH HER HAIR! you know what that means! hehe. i'm proud of you love! keep up the good work!