Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Movie with Lo and then some

May watch Black Swan today with Lo. I need to build up courage because I scare easily. Went to the office earlier so I could get a copy of my signed contract. My goal is to go to this wholesale cosmeotolgy store to see what they have. I hope to get stands for my nail polish collection. One must be licensed or a student with valid identification and paperwork to buy from there. :)

Another thing! I feel liberated because I didn't have to wake up to kill my extra troops or farm or hunt for Haypi! Yes, I think I will retire from the game, but what should I do with my current number of troops? I am missing 15k of them because of the merge glitch. I would have around 100k cavs if that was not so. I suppose that I am pretty mighty in troop strength :)

I may go on a make-up shopping spree. I would love to do show makeup: fun funky and modern, but totally unwearable for daily life. Like paint the entire face white with popping colored lips and paint drawings on the sides of the face. Just for fun. Maybe I will do this for Halloween!

Good day folks! I need to continue my school work. My hands are sore from writing too much. I should cut at least one clients hair today. I'll see what happens.

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