Friday, January 21, 2011

Just a Dream- by Nelly (sung by Joseph and Jason)

I LOVE THEIR VERSION!!!!!! =) It makes me giddy! I should break up with Lo so he could write a song like this about me! He cannot sing like how they can, but he can hire someone to! =) HEHEHEHHEE I used to listen to sappy songs like this and daydream of my crush singing or playing them in the back ground while he confess his feelings for me. Never did happen though. The following songs are just a few of the ones that makes me giddy or touched me in some way.

1. Azn Dreamer- If you were my girl (During high school, I used to day dream that my crush would pop into my class and tell me to go out into the hallway where he would give me a rose and play this song for me. He would ask me out and I would be flattered and overjoyed but reject him because he was a bad boy and I had to focus on school. I'm weird huh.)
2. Aaron Carter- I'm all about you (when this song first came out, I would again, day dream about my crush SINGING this to me! I had also liked Aaron Carter at the time and my password would be aarroncarter; this was back in elementary school.)
3. Kai- Unconditionally
4. Kai- Wonderful tonight
5. Journey- Open arms
6. Nu Flavor- 3 little words
The last two songs will be played at my wedding for sure!

I really like the songs sung by Kai and Azn Dreamers!! Its such a darn shame that they stopped producing music. =(

Haypi: Freesoul14 spammed my mailbox for me to join the Killbank alliance today. And yeahhhhhh I hope Killbank is a nice fellow.... His previous actions (starving Cren, threatening to attack all of gambit members) were not nice. However, this is a war game and like Angelica did say, I am playing it like farmville; she is not wrong about that! =X His reply to me: "safe from the merge its my sub clan so its a sub clan of ancient". Well, I will see how it turns out. I feel like I should stop holding grudges and move on. AND I WILL! From this day forth, everyone is a nice person until they attack me. =)
I do feel very guilty knowing this information though... Xanadeus needs to becareful!

School was fun today! =) My client came in and I received a 5 dollar tip! Hooray! =) It was an easy zero all over too! He was the same one who wanted to give me a 60 dollar tip but I declined. I also dyed another client's hair. No tip this time. Ah well, =) my body is overdosed with sugar... plus, I ate too much junk food today! I need to cut them out for a week so my body can repair from all my unhealthy eating habits of this week.

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