Saturday, January 29, 2011


Jenny helped buy a total of three of these cute boxes for me! Two different designs! =) One for my cute Amber, Tila and myself! I would like Amber to get this version because I will have the same thing. The other one is cute too, but Amber is my favorite niece! 
Lo and I were went with my parents to eat at Pho Huynh Hiep on Irving. Afterward, we walked down the street for the heck of it. This was what we saw! A CAR ACCIDENT! This car hit and knocked over the parking meter, hit a parked car and the building. The glass of that store front broke and there is a dent on the building.
The pavement where the meter was, was cracked. OMGG How much will it cost to repair all the damage?? This is public property! A young asian dude was driving this. Lo and I wonder how in the world did this come about? Irving is filled with cars and people walking to be able to speed and crash. 
The store front and the parking meter. The fruits of the groceries store were knocked down too. It was so lucky no one was passing by. It would have injured someone badly if was hit.
The parked car that was hit. The angle and the damages doesn't add up though...

The cause of all the mess! This car had a busted tire, front and back bumpers fallen off, dents and scratches. You can totally see the hole on the ground because of this guy! I really hope he has insurance! I started taking pictures with my phone.. I was one of those annoying people! X) HEHEHEH
Anyway, at Cosmoprof, I bought clipper comb, toner, pink haircolor, and clips.

I also got highlight strips (I want to try these out, foil is annoying), wisk and a key.

Dual color bowls and the teeth wipes for my baby. I don't brush his teeth, so I bought these to start a good habit for him. He doesn't like it, but will get use it this once a month thing from now on. I don't worry about this teeth or gums because he likes to chew on plush toys that basically cleans his teeth anyway.

My before picture of my doll's head! I wanted to give her a Christina Aguilera look from her Come on Over music video.

After! I toned the top half and dyed the bottom half pink. =) It didn't look how I want it to when its dried though.. =( I need to do this again when I save up to buy more products. However, it looks really nice when the hair is wet! I had to cut the hair too because it didn't show the colors properly! My problem with this is: the hair colors didn't flow!

my inspiration!
the results

I should have highlighted the hair instead of just dying it half and half.. =( But highlights takes too long. Good thing I bought the paper strips! I will definately try again! Meuy wants to dye her hair similar to this style.. I THINK! So I must practice first then I will do it on her hair. I fear making mistakes and ruining people's hair. I don't want to be the one to mess up a person's head!

Lo is currently sleeping and snoring! He had a long day going to Chinatown with mom and I. We carried lots of stuff. It was very crowded. There was the Lunar New Year festival. It rained too and we didn't bring umbrellas. Its still raining now. OH! I drove today! YAY! I haven't in a year (Lo says it has been a few months, but it feels much longer!) and done pretty well! =) Safe driver! Thats me! I want a car!!!!!!!!

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