Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm scared. :(

I used my phone to text that post up there during the movie. X(

Home! Lo just left and now I have to blog about my movie experience! OMGOMGOMGGG!!!!!! I knew it was scary and lucky I knew! OMGGGGG!!!!! LUCKY I CLOSED MY EYES AT THE RIGHT SCENES!!!!!!!!!! FREAKIEST AND SCARY MOVIE!!!! Lo was crazy! He watched everything!!!!! It was very graphic too! I recommend it but only for brave people. I was trembling during the movie and couldn't stop until an hour after the movie was over. I felt dizzy walking out of the theater and it felt as if I am moving around in the film still. Swear, the pigeons scared me when Lo and I went to his car. =( They flew at us! I am such a wuss..

It was a very good movie though. Natalie Portman's acting was superb! The ballet dances looked so beautiful and genuine! I want to go see Swan Lake, but not now; maybe in a few months or years I will go. I used to want my future daughter(s) to take ballet classes, but not anymore! I do not want them to ruin their feet. Well, unless they are interested in ballet, I will allow, but I will not suggest. I know the movie exaggerated everything, but it reflects humanity and the dark side of it.

It is official! I am retired of haypi! I am killing off my troops and well, was able to occupy level 9 forts with only 15-16k cavs! I lost half of my troops, but that is pretty neat to be able to take on that high level of forts with turrets, traps and all. =)

Going to watch some Hulu before I sleep. Castle! =) YAY! no more Haypi stress! WEEEEE too bad though, I will miss my penpals. =(
I will make a list of them here as a nice shoutout to them soon! At least before I dismiss the alliance.

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