Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Kitty and Chasing Cezanne

The wonderful Jenny bought me the Hello Kitty key cover today! =) NAH NAH NAHHH! The other one was given to me by Lo and it had a body but it broke off in my purse. =)

School has changed a bit, but at least I have friends who radiate good energy into an oppressive environment. We have to study more than before but at least I am doing work! In fact, we spend most of our time working on our book assignments than practice on our dolls. I have been going to school on time now (which is really good). In the morning, I wouldfarm and traing troops for Haypi (to keep my ranking) and then RUN RUN RUN to school! I have no time to do anything in the morning because of Hapyi. When I reach school, I would be a sweating mess. So ugly!

I serviced two clients today. One was creepy. He asked me if I was Chinese and told me he wanted a Chinese baby and an [African American] baby. He said he wanted to find a Chinese girlfriend and [African American] girlfriend so he can mix his Mexican blood in there. I asked him if he meant for a wife right? He said he doesn't want to marry but just wanted the women for the babies... Its really men like him that kills it for society! HORRIBLE! He just wants to populate and spread his genes with no love in the mix.

My first client was really nice though. He and I talked about reading books, history and art. =) I wasn't really paying attention to to haircut because I liked our conversation. I believe it turned out nicely. PLUS! I didn't ask for help for both clients today! YAY!

Chasing Cezanne by Peter Mayle

I actually named my baby (dog) after the character of this book. It is about an adventure involving a painting by Cezanne. I really loved this novel because of the fun characters! This novel also introduced me to the French's appreciation of food and culture. Andre was the protagonist. My baby dog is named after him. =) I haven't read this book in years and forgotten what it was about, but I recall enjoying it alot!

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