Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! Phew, feels like it has been ages since I posted a blog. Lo deleted WOW from my laptop so now I have lots of memory again! Its picture frenzy time! WEEEE mostly of Thai foods though since Lo and I crave for it lots. 

I did this last month I believe. My first time highlighting hair! This is a doll's head that I just took from the basket. I didn't want to use my own for experimentation. It came out nicely. =) Used up leftover bleach mixture of my client's (she came in and requested me the second time too! yay!) This picture doesn't really show much because my doll's head was still wet.
Same head. I bleached the entire head for a total of three times, on different days. This picture is of my third attempt. Melody and I went to Walgreens to buy a box of haircolor because we were bored and wanted to mess around. This is my doll's head after application and waiting for processing.

Nice huh!? The finished result! I hope to use toner on her tomorrow to see what happens. Hoping to get it from school! I want her to be a platimum blonde with pink dye on the bottom half like Christina Aguilera in her Come on Over music video. I will have to go buy the pink dye later on, but it costs 10 dollars for it at Walgreens! =( Wasteful spending. Plus, her haircut is very uneven with awkward gaps (i got it like that) so it may not come out to how I want it to.

I just tried this few weeks ago and they are addictive! CHEESY! =) I only meant to take this picture to tease Melody because they are her downfall and she was resisting them. The picture was posted on facebook so she can see it and apparently, they are pretty popular! How come I didn't know about them before??

Melody and I went to eat tacos at a taqueria down the street. I like the super version because it has veges =)
 In fact, I wasn't satisfied and craved for more! So, I made Lo go with me to another place the same week for a Mexican dinner. =) We both had one super steak taco and shared a super steak nacho dish. Extra extra extra Jalapenos BABY and hot sauce!!!!! One taco was very filling and the nachos was way too much but we ended up finishing everything.
Tacos and a nice cola! YUM! The hot sauce was not spicy though. I wished it was.

Tom Yum noodle soup from Thai House Express! It was good =) Lo and I shared the food because I wanted to try different things.

Their fried rice wasn't so good. I had better. However, their Thai iced teas were good. The tea was very strong and made the drink very bold in flavor.

Went over to Melody's house for the first time and helped her with wedding favors. =) We started with nothing and did that much! Her dogs were sooo cute! It was so much fun messing with them.
Here is one of the favor! =) Made out of tissue paper and inside has dove chocolates. Melody hand cut both the flower portion AND the circular tags herself. Alot of work on her part! While doing these, we were watching Spongebob.. not something I enjoy, but watched because its different. I prefer Sailormoon (0 ^__^ 0)

This is a picture of Jayla! She is a lab and Rottweiler mix, a 90lb beauty. When I first came in, she jumped on me and knocked the my bags of junk foods out of my hands. She was all over me and I was a bit scared because I never interacted with a large dog like that. It was really cool! She is so playful and so funny! Her other baby, Aurora was so cute! The silly girl allowed me to pet her and rolled onto her back so I could rub her belly but later realized that she didn't know me and went to hide! Loserr!!!! Like her MOM!
( ^____^ )

Anyway, Jayla was playing catch with Lo when he came to pick me up. She was so energetic at first and ran so fast she slid on the floor to catch the ball. After five minutes, give or take, she slowed down drastically and soon walked like an old granny to get the ball! She then hid the ball from Lo so he couldn't throw it anymore and went to drink water. SO CUTE!!!!!!! I have a nice cut on my wrist from her because she was so happy to see me and jumped on me. SO SO SOOOO CUTE! I LOVE DOGS! I wish to have more in the future! Lo agrees! =) My plan is to save up and buy a house with a big backyard so they can run around and play. Also, I would want a big walk in shower so I can wash the dogs with ease. I want big dogs in the future. My head is still swimming with future plans. I doubt that I could afford that kind of house in San Francisco to accommodate my dreams, so maybe Daly City could work out. I still would like to work in the city and be close to it as possible. I would love to live in the city, but to buy big house here would be so expensive!

Wedding invitation to Ms. Melody's wedding! Hooray! and You can see Cityville game in the background.
 I personalized my RSVP card =) Hello Kitty says hello!
Two will be attending! =)

Went to the Cable Car Diner because it was on the way to dinner yesterday. I was craving for this! SO YUMMY!

 How the diner looks from inside the car. =)
Lo and I were craving for Kingdom of Dumpling in Sunset! These are chicken with napa dumplings. We came at the right time because we were seated right away. less than 2minutes later, all the tables were filled and people were waiting outside! PHEW! I hate going there because its so stuffy and cramped inside the restaurant. However, the food is good and definitely worth it.
 Shanghai soup dumplings! Inside them is filled with meat and soup. =) Biting into them will result in a burst of subtle but tasty fillings. The sauce they provide for dipping is the key to all these dumplings. Its a simple mixture of soysauce and vinegar.
 Grilled chicken friend rice (Lo's favorite!) and beef chow fun! So darn good! We both make our way across the city and wait in line just for the fried rice here! This is how fried rice should be made in every restaurant!

I am Spade309! RANK THREE! for now. =(

I have corresponded with the top 6 players at one point before. All except the 2nd were friendly and I like them all. BOOO number two! He killed Gambit! =( That was my alliance before and I ran it then. I came up with the name and everything. He killed my gusto because before, I was crazily into the game. Now, I just play because I like my ranking. Okay, he didn't kill Gambit.. he said he would attack all of my members so Lo dismissed the alliance to prevent them from getting attacked. I believe Lo and I acted to quickly. We should have just stayed strong and waited everything out, but at the time, we lost all of our troops and couldn't do anything for them. Well, I am now hazy of what happened but I remember shaking all over because I was so sad and angry. I guess, in a strange way, Killbank freed me from my obsession over the game and taught me to separate game and reality. That is why I am spending less than playing the game. So thanks dude for that only,

Well, I can't type much anymore. My baby Andre wants to be carried and I can't type properly now. Good bye! Good night!

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