Monday, January 31, 2011

F this post up! festival, facial, food

Vietnamese Tet Festival at the TL. Its really boring there. The only bonus is to meet family and friends during the festival, but my friends and family do not go here. The only food booth that doesn't sell prepackaged foods (there were very few food vendors as is) was the BBQ booth. Lo and I each got BBQ chicken with French bread. We filled them with hot stuff. =) Very full after eating! This festival needs to do more than just advertisement booths!
They had a sliding ramp and this Ferris wheel for the first time! I have been going there every year since birth! My studio apartment used to be where the festival takes place so I would just go back and forth if I wanted to rest or explore again. Anyway, my cousin and nephew are riding on it! They are the ones on the bottom with three people riding. The boy in the middle belongs to my cousin's friend.
=) My nephew is on the right!!!! Linh was scared during the ride. Lo bought Durango those firecracker pops that cost $5 for two boxes. These pops were really loud like actual firecrackers! Durango ended up giving the other box to his friend and ignored me... jerk! I will spoil Amber from now on! PPSHH!!!
This doodle was done during school today. Both Jenny and Melody were absent for the entire day so I was lonely and bored. There has been no wifi in school since Thursday! Lucky I quit Haypi or I would have been very pissed and stressed out because I would need to feed my troops. =)

This doodle was done for Melody. I taped one Ferrero Rocher candy on the sun (original) and one on the moon (dark).

I had my first facial today! =) My classmate, an esthetician, did it. It was very relaxing and my face was glowing afterward. I later dyed his hair for him. He is a swimmer so his hair color had some greenish tint from chlorine exposure. School did not teach me this and I doubt they will, but I read online that chlorine tends to cause blond/light hair to turn green. It is best to stay away from ash colors. Unfortunately for me, my classmate wanted to put ash in his hair to counter his natural red tones! That resulted in his current color: dark blond with, alas, dark[er] greenish tones! =( I will tell him that tomorrow. He likes the color though.. I do not think he notices. However, I will tell him tomorrow. =(

This is my collection of nail polishes!!!!!!! I must have spent over $1000 on hair and nail supplies! I don't even use them on myself! This is just for my collection. I need to practice with my nail designs again; it has been a long while since I did.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Jenny helped buy a total of three of these cute boxes for me! Two different designs! =) One for my cute Amber, Tila and myself! I would like Amber to get this version because I will have the same thing. The other one is cute too, but Amber is my favorite niece! 
Lo and I were went with my parents to eat at Pho Huynh Hiep on Irving. Afterward, we walked down the street for the heck of it. This was what we saw! A CAR ACCIDENT! This car hit and knocked over the parking meter, hit a parked car and the building. The glass of that store front broke and there is a dent on the building.
The pavement where the meter was, was cracked. OMGG How much will it cost to repair all the damage?? This is public property! A young asian dude was driving this. Lo and I wonder how in the world did this come about? Irving is filled with cars and people walking to be able to speed and crash. 
The store front and the parking meter. The fruits of the groceries store were knocked down too. It was so lucky no one was passing by. It would have injured someone badly if was hit.
The parked car that was hit. The angle and the damages doesn't add up though...

The cause of all the mess! This car had a busted tire, front and back bumpers fallen off, dents and scratches. You can totally see the hole on the ground because of this guy! I really hope he has insurance! I started taking pictures with my phone.. I was one of those annoying people! X) HEHEHEH
Anyway, at Cosmoprof, I bought clipper comb, toner, pink haircolor, and clips.

I also got highlight strips (I want to try these out, foil is annoying), wisk and a key.

Dual color bowls and the teeth wipes for my baby. I don't brush his teeth, so I bought these to start a good habit for him. He doesn't like it, but will get use it this once a month thing from now on. I don't worry about this teeth or gums because he likes to chew on plush toys that basically cleans his teeth anyway.

My before picture of my doll's head! I wanted to give her a Christina Aguilera look from her Come on Over music video.

After! I toned the top half and dyed the bottom half pink. =) It didn't look how I want it to when its dried though.. =( I need to do this again when I save up to buy more products. However, it looks really nice when the hair is wet! I had to cut the hair too because it didn't show the colors properly! My problem with this is: the hair colors didn't flow!

my inspiration!
the results

I should have highlighted the hair instead of just dying it half and half.. =( But highlights takes too long. Good thing I bought the paper strips! I will definately try again! Meuy wants to dye her hair similar to this style.. I THINK! So I must practice first then I will do it on her hair. I fear making mistakes and ruining people's hair. I don't want to be the one to mess up a person's head!

Lo is currently sleeping and snoring! He had a long day going to Chinatown with mom and I. We carried lots of stuff. It was very crowded. There was the Lunar New Year festival. It rained too and we didn't bring umbrellas. Its still raining now. OH! I drove today! YAY! I haven't in a year (Lo says it has been a few months, but it feels much longer!) and done pretty well! =) Safe driver! Thats me! I want a car!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011


So tired...=( for the last two days I have been feeling very drained when I get home. Energy just depletes and I move around with no usual flair. I have been taking this out on Lo. He has been very nice about it though. I think that I will call it a day soon after I finish folding laundry. Good day folks!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spade309 has retired =)

So, I have killed all my troops.. and typed out letters to alliance members. It feels kinda weird and I don't think that I will actually stop playing.. all together. It takes gradual steps. I think I may start playing again in maybe a few weeks, but I hope not! AND! I need to prove it to Jenny and Melody that I can quit! X( THEY DON"T BELIEVE ME! =)

Shoutouts to:
Hephaistos- You were in Gambit and stuck with me. =) Thanks for your wisdom and making my mind work hard! Hours of learning philosophies, history and Greek mythology! I forgotten this quote of yours, but I remember liking it lots.
Foreverrun- =) you made chat lively back in Gambit! It was really fun getting to know you. Good luck in school and life!
Janabama!- At first I thought you didn't like me, but yeahhh I think I was wrong on that part. You were really nice and I hope everything goes great for you!
Cren110- Thanks for not expecting so much from me and made the game about friendship! And thanks for following my blog and playing cityville! =)
Liutzcn- I am sorry I questioned your loyalty, though it was hard not to because of how they tried to trick me (outlanders)! You were really nice and I am glad we met via game
Deronlee- YOUU!!!!! We met because of Ancients! You were one of the few who reached out to a stranger from another alliance and did not expect anything more than friendship. Trust was built between us and friendship followed =)
Seiran- Just met you after the merge between Royal and Phoenixx. Our very own singer! Very cool!
TheScourge- You are a mystery to me, but you were with Lo and I since the very beginning! We leveled up together and such and such. Thanks for sticking though I am very sure you were contacted by many as a recruit! =)
Pitydafool- =) you are so funny! Our friendship was built when you contacted me and I stole you from your alliance! Well, I told you not to come, but you did anyway. =) Hope your own alliance is doing great!
Xanadeus- Passonate, that is the word for you. Your personality is very strong and sometimes you come off a bit scary to me. However, you do seem like a good person and I admire your determination and appreciate your honesty and advices, random as they were. =)
Jasonpp- Your name is funny and I never told you that! You Voodoo-ed my Lo and I have yet to kick your bootay for that! =) Thank you for reaching out to me long ago when you were in Harbingers and allowing me to vent pages to you of my emotional breakdown. =X yeahhh I had it bad for the Haypi game back then.
Kingsagir- Though you were the one who attacked me along with Killbank, you were kind enough to apologize. =) and you kept your word. Nice person you are!
Knightrulz- You were there during Gambit and left after the fall. Its fine. =) You were really friendly and I remember that. Made my first days playing fun.
Smarfield- you too! =)
Thevabe- Getting to know you was fun too! Though it was short lived now.
Ax3Bl4d3- Thanks for coming to Phoenixx with me after Gambit. Hope life will be fun for you
Angellica- Recently, you have contacted me several times to join your alliance and well, I find you a nice person. =)

and last but NEVER least, JOKER69!!!!!! I hate your username! freaking support changed it for you!!!! JERKK!!!!! But, I love you!!!!! =)
The names are inorder of my member list and not by favorite people.


<-------- He was trying to kill me! X)
He got out of the bathroom and I started taking pictures of him entering my room! X) HAHAHAHHAHA

The Hello Kitty balloon Lo gave me for my birthday is still floating! =) and the huge stuffed one he gave me 3 years ago is sitting on top of my shelf. =)

I am bored and was cranky today. =( Wanted to go to cosmoprof!!!!! Today, I cut a client's hair and did not pay attention and made it too short. =( I was thinking about when I would meet Lo after school and what to eat for dinner. Mom ended up making curry, one of my favorite foods! Mom's Vietnamese style curry!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm scared. :(

I used my phone to text that post up there during the movie. X(

Home! Lo just left and now I have to blog about my movie experience! OMGOMGOMGGG!!!!!! I knew it was scary and lucky I knew! OMGGGGG!!!!! LUCKY I CLOSED MY EYES AT THE RIGHT SCENES!!!!!!!!!! FREAKIEST AND SCARY MOVIE!!!! Lo was crazy! He watched everything!!!!! It was very graphic too! I recommend it but only for brave people. I was trembling during the movie and couldn't stop until an hour after the movie was over. I felt dizzy walking out of the theater and it felt as if I am moving around in the film still. Swear, the pigeons scared me when Lo and I went to his car. =( They flew at us! I am such a wuss..

It was a very good movie though. Natalie Portman's acting was superb! The ballet dances looked so beautiful and genuine! I want to go see Swan Lake, but not now; maybe in a few months or years I will go. I used to want my future daughter(s) to take ballet classes, but not anymore! I do not want them to ruin their feet. Well, unless they are interested in ballet, I will allow, but I will not suggest. I know the movie exaggerated everything, but it reflects humanity and the dark side of it.

It is official! I am retired of haypi! I am killing off my troops and well, was able to occupy level 9 forts with only 15-16k cavs! I lost half of my troops, but that is pretty neat to be able to take on that high level of forts with turrets, traps and all. =)

Going to watch some Hulu before I sleep. Castle! =) YAY! no more Haypi stress! WEEEEE too bad though, I will miss my penpals. =(
I will make a list of them here as a nice shoutout to them soon! At least before I dismiss the alliance.

Movie with Lo and then some

May watch Black Swan today with Lo. I need to build up courage because I scare easily. Went to the office earlier so I could get a copy of my signed contract. My goal is to go to this wholesale cosmeotolgy store to see what they have. I hope to get stands for my nail polish collection. One must be licensed or a student with valid identification and paperwork to buy from there. :)

Another thing! I feel liberated because I didn't have to wake up to kill my extra troops or farm or hunt for Haypi! Yes, I think I will retire from the game, but what should I do with my current number of troops? I am missing 15k of them because of the merge glitch. I would have around 100k cavs if that was not so. I suppose that I am pretty mighty in troop strength :)

I may go on a make-up shopping spree. I would love to do show makeup: fun funky and modern, but totally unwearable for daily life. Like paint the entire face white with popping colored lips and paint drawings on the sides of the face. Just for fun. Maybe I will do this for Halloween!

Good day folks! I need to continue my school work. My hands are sore from writing too much. I should cut at least one clients hair today. I'll see what happens.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Mom came to school unannounced and had me cut her hair! Her hair is similar to mine but alot worse. Her hair density is low and it was very limp. She had let it grow pass her elbows. So, to give the illususion of volume without giving it too many layers, I gave her a blunt cut with 45degree layers after. Looks nice right? I like it alot because I was just winging it and surprised that it came out like that! Her hair likes to dance around (curl a bit) so you can't see that its really a straight cut. I convinced her to dye it because she has long grays sprinkled around her head; she hadn't dyed it for years. Mom is 52 years old.

This picture was taken after the cut.

Her hair color is still the same and very subtle change because I didn't want to alter her looks so much. She is older and our tastes are the alike. We both like to look natural (ironic!). That is my aesthetic and will be so, coming out of beauty school. I really like simple-to-maintain, but classy looks. Styles, that when people look back and still like it, that is what I rather do. Following the trends may not stick in years to come (mullets, afros, flock of seagulls, etc). However, that doesn't mean that I will be a prude; I will try my best with whatever is requested of me from my future clients. 

Anyway, after dying mom's hair, I did a deep conditioner to take away the damage of chemicals done earlier. She is very happy about her look! =). YAY! She seems to be more happier about my choice of career now, after seeing what I did for her. She is ready for the New Year! (Lunar New Year)

We went to Sai Jai Thai for dinner. This was what I had. Number 26. I don't know what it is called because the name is in Thai laungue. It was delicious! My tummy hurts now though, but it started before eating. I think it was because I didn't eat the entire day and now I am paying the price.

This was two days ago. Lo and I were assembling my new desk! It took up all the space in my room. We had to take everything out of the box because it wouldn't fit in his car that way. Everything was carried little at a time up the stairs.. three floors up.. and then assembled. OMG It was so tiring! I sweated bullets after bringing everything up! We didn't finish putting everything together until the next day.
TADA! Finished product! My L-shaped desk! Its not positioned to my wall yet, but still, you can see how pro-pro it looks. =)

Thank you Jenny!!!!!!!!! =) YOU SWEET SWEET GIRL! I asked her to buy two for me but she got me one for now. She wouldn't take my money!!!!!!! I need to pay her back! This one will be given to my niece, Amber, because Hello Kitty is wearing glasses like mine! She needs to be reminded of her auntie! =) I should get one for Tila too! hmmm.. I think I will! They are tin lunch boxes by the way; they could be used to store items and not only for lunches because kids today are weird. They like sillybandz for crying out loud!
(0 ^___^ 0)

I am spade309

So, after reaching to rank 2, the world chat of Haypi Kindom mentioned me briefly! =) I am famous and I am a mystery! Only a handful of people know that I am a girl playing! BAHAHHAHAHAA

Well, my moment of glory is very short lived because the server merge was today and now, I am rank 17. BOOOOO I shot down so much! I do not feel like playing anymore because I do not want to try so hard anymore! I miss sleeping in and not having to care about my troops. Starting over in this new server is so lame! My cities are too close together and the forts will be all farmed. This will take longer to build up again. BOOO.. I could move my cities but that will waste coins the coins I saved up earlier. It takes 40 coins to move a city and the game gave everyone 30 coins for each city. That is not enough! So I think I will quit very soon. It is time to move on and focus my energy on my life and future.

I had made friends or friendly exchanges between people through this game. It was very fun while it lasted. Though, many did quit over time. I think that I will make a nice shoutout list of to the people who made Haypi Kingdom a fun[ner] experience. My first intereactive game people and I got up to rank2! =)

Phone test

Testing testing 123. I am sending this via phone as a text message. :) I could start updating like a twitter account through my blog! How exciting! I need to check if sending pictures will be extra charges to my phone plan, but I would really love to. I have unlimited text plan! Yay!

Right now, I am at school working on my text book/workbook. Everyone went to lunch and I may not see Lo today. Oh poo! Today is state college student's first day of Spring semester.

My desk looks very nice! I really like it, but it makes my room very crowded. So, I must start throwing away stuff I don't use. It makes me sad because I kept lots of stuff as memorabilia over the years. Stuff animals, boxes, paperwork, and others. I have to let go! I'll do it today or this weekend when moms not home. She gets mad if I throw stuff out. We are a bunch of packrats, my family.
Agh had to go back and edit everything! Texting only allows limited posting. So my posts gets cut off into separate entries. Glad I have wifi so I could fix the problem. The texting ability allows me to post simple sentences like a twitter would. I see now. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something new

I have problems with hair loss. It may be many factors: genetics (mom and grandma have low density of hair too), lack of iron in body due to monthly flows, stress, use of hot water and my daily shampoos. Yes, I shampoo my hair everyday and use hot water. I believe this grooming habit of mine makes it worse.

If I skip a day, my hair becomes this greasy mess, itches up and drives me crazy! I had tried to experiment in the past by skipping a day, but end up going back to normal routine soon. Just recent month, my hair loss was terrifying. Hair would fall out by handfuls after showering and it freaked me out. I notice that when I braid my hair up, my diameter was less than my usual penny size! So, I experimented again with the skipping of shampoos- this time every two days will allow for shampoo.

I started this experiment two weeks ago, give or take a few days, and notice change! After the first day, I wanted to shave my hair off because it felt so disgusting. But, thanks to the new Tresemme product: Freshstart, it saved my appearance and hair texture! At night, I would braid my hair so that I won't feel the oilyness. Getting ready in the morning is easy for me. I just unbraid my hair and spray the product on, let it sit for two minutes and then I comb my hair. The grease gets absorbed and combed out and my hair is once again volumous! It doesn't feel very clean, but that is what I need to get used to.

When I asked my classmates who have thick density of hair of their daily groomings, they told me that they do not wash their hair everyday, only twice a week or even once a week. This is why I was more motivated this time around to try experimenting. I lose very little hair now and I can feel my hair density after braiding, it more than before. The difference is not much since hair does need time to grow out, but at least I am not losing by the handful anymore! YAY! I still hate the feeling of oiliness and look forward to my shampoos, but at least this is working!

After every wash, I use John Frieda's Frizz-Ease spray to add in moisture onto my hair because my shampoo and the weather dries it up. I had never used products on my hair but these works! =) That is why I recommend if any of you have the same problems I do.


I just bought a new desk! Today in fact! Lo and I haven't finished putting it together and will continue when I see him again.. in two days. Sucks. My room is so ugly now. It has to be finished before lunar new year! There is still plenty of time though, but I would like to have my room cleared before then. The desk is L-shaped which will allow me to have my own manicure station when I have family or friends over. =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just a Dream- by Nelly (sung by Joseph and Jason)

I LOVE THEIR VERSION!!!!!! =) It makes me giddy! I should break up with Lo so he could write a song like this about me! He cannot sing like how they can, but he can hire someone to! =) HEHEHEHHEE I used to listen to sappy songs like this and daydream of my crush singing or playing them in the back ground while he confess his feelings for me. Never did happen though. The following songs are just a few of the ones that makes me giddy or touched me in some way.

1. Azn Dreamer- If you were my girl (During high school, I used to day dream that my crush would pop into my class and tell me to go out into the hallway where he would give me a rose and play this song for me. He would ask me out and I would be flattered and overjoyed but reject him because he was a bad boy and I had to focus on school. I'm weird huh.)
2. Aaron Carter- I'm all about you (when this song first came out, I would again, day dream about my crush SINGING this to me! I had also liked Aaron Carter at the time and my password would be aarroncarter; this was back in elementary school.)
3. Kai- Unconditionally
4. Kai- Wonderful tonight
5. Journey- Open arms
6. Nu Flavor- 3 little words
The last two songs will be played at my wedding for sure!

I really like the songs sung by Kai and Azn Dreamers!! Its such a darn shame that they stopped producing music. =(

Haypi: Freesoul14 spammed my mailbox for me to join the Killbank alliance today. And yeahhhhhh I hope Killbank is a nice fellow.... His previous actions (starving Cren, threatening to attack all of gambit members) were not nice. However, this is a war game and like Angelica did say, I am playing it like farmville; she is not wrong about that! =X His reply to me: "safe from the merge its my sub clan so its a sub clan of ancient". Well, I will see how it turns out. I feel like I should stop holding grudges and move on. AND I WILL! From this day forth, everyone is a nice person until they attack me. =)
I do feel very guilty knowing this information though... Xanadeus needs to becareful!

School was fun today! =) My client came in and I received a 5 dollar tip! Hooray! =) It was an easy zero all over too! He was the same one who wanted to give me a 60 dollar tip but I declined. I also dyed another client's hair. No tip this time. Ah well, =) my body is overdosed with sugar... plus, I ate too much junk food today! I need to cut them out for a week so my body can repair from all my unhealthy eating habits of this week.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello Kitty and Chasing Cezanne

The wonderful Jenny bought me the Hello Kitty key cover today! =) NAH NAH NAHHH! The other one was given to me by Lo and it had a body but it broke off in my purse. =)

School has changed a bit, but at least I have friends who radiate good energy into an oppressive environment. We have to study more than before but at least I am doing work! In fact, we spend most of our time working on our book assignments than practice on our dolls. I have been going to school on time now (which is really good). In the morning, I wouldfarm and traing troops for Haypi (to keep my ranking) and then RUN RUN RUN to school! I have no time to do anything in the morning because of Hapyi. When I reach school, I would be a sweating mess. So ugly!

I serviced two clients today. One was creepy. He asked me if I was Chinese and told me he wanted a Chinese baby and an [African American] baby. He said he wanted to find a Chinese girlfriend and [African American] girlfriend so he can mix his Mexican blood in there. I asked him if he meant for a wife right? He said he doesn't want to marry but just wanted the women for the babies... Its really men like him that kills it for society! HORRIBLE! He just wants to populate and spread his genes with no love in the mix.

My first client was really nice though. He and I talked about reading books, history and art. =) I wasn't really paying attention to to haircut because I liked our conversation. I believe it turned out nicely. PLUS! I didn't ask for help for both clients today! YAY!

Chasing Cezanne by Peter Mayle

I actually named my baby (dog) after the character of this book. It is about an adventure involving a painting by Cezanne. I really loved this novel because of the fun characters! This novel also introduced me to the French's appreciation of food and culture. Andre was the protagonist. My baby dog is named after him. =) I haven't read this book in years and forgotten what it was about, but I recall enjoying it alot!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HELLO EVERYONE!!!! Phew, feels like it has been ages since I posted a blog. Lo deleted WOW from my laptop so now I have lots of memory again! Its picture frenzy time! WEEEE mostly of Thai foods though since Lo and I crave for it lots. 

I did this last month I believe. My first time highlighting hair! This is a doll's head that I just took from the basket. I didn't want to use my own for experimentation. It came out nicely. =) Used up leftover bleach mixture of my client's (she came in and requested me the second time too! yay!) This picture doesn't really show much because my doll's head was still wet.
Same head. I bleached the entire head for a total of three times, on different days. This picture is of my third attempt. Melody and I went to Walgreens to buy a box of haircolor because we were bored and wanted to mess around. This is my doll's head after application and waiting for processing.

Nice huh!? The finished result! I hope to use toner on her tomorrow to see what happens. Hoping to get it from school! I want her to be a platimum blonde with pink dye on the bottom half like Christina Aguilera in her Come on Over music video. I will have to go buy the pink dye later on, but it costs 10 dollars for it at Walgreens! =( Wasteful spending. Plus, her haircut is very uneven with awkward gaps (i got it like that) so it may not come out to how I want it to.

I just tried this few weeks ago and they are addictive! CHEESY! =) I only meant to take this picture to tease Melody because they are her downfall and she was resisting them. The picture was posted on facebook so she can see it and apparently, they are pretty popular! How come I didn't know about them before??

Melody and I went to eat tacos at a taqueria down the street. I like the super version because it has veges =)
 In fact, I wasn't satisfied and craved for more! So, I made Lo go with me to another place the same week for a Mexican dinner. =) We both had one super steak taco and shared a super steak nacho dish. Extra extra extra Jalapenos BABY and hot sauce!!!!! One taco was very filling and the nachos was way too much but we ended up finishing everything.
Tacos and a nice cola! YUM! The hot sauce was not spicy though. I wished it was.

Tom Yum noodle soup from Thai House Express! It was good =) Lo and I shared the food because I wanted to try different things.

Their fried rice wasn't so good. I had better. However, their Thai iced teas were good. The tea was very strong and made the drink very bold in flavor.

Went over to Melody's house for the first time and helped her with wedding favors. =) We started with nothing and did that much! Her dogs were sooo cute! It was so much fun messing with them.
Here is one of the favor! =) Made out of tissue paper and inside has dove chocolates. Melody hand cut both the flower portion AND the circular tags herself. Alot of work on her part! While doing these, we were watching Spongebob.. not something I enjoy, but watched because its different. I prefer Sailormoon (0 ^__^ 0)

This is a picture of Jayla! She is a lab and Rottweiler mix, a 90lb beauty. When I first came in, she jumped on me and knocked the my bags of junk foods out of my hands. She was all over me and I was a bit scared because I never interacted with a large dog like that. It was really cool! She is so playful and so funny! Her other baby, Aurora was so cute! The silly girl allowed me to pet her and rolled onto her back so I could rub her belly but later realized that she didn't know me and went to hide! Loserr!!!! Like her MOM!
( ^____^ )

Anyway, Jayla was playing catch with Lo when he came to pick me up. She was so energetic at first and ran so fast she slid on the floor to catch the ball. After five minutes, give or take, she slowed down drastically and soon walked like an old granny to get the ball! She then hid the ball from Lo so he couldn't throw it anymore and went to drink water. SO CUTE!!!!!!! I have a nice cut on my wrist from her because she was so happy to see me and jumped on me. SO SO SOOOO CUTE! I LOVE DOGS! I wish to have more in the future! Lo agrees! =) My plan is to save up and buy a house with a big backyard so they can run around and play. Also, I would want a big walk in shower so I can wash the dogs with ease. I want big dogs in the future. My head is still swimming with future plans. I doubt that I could afford that kind of house in San Francisco to accommodate my dreams, so maybe Daly City could work out. I still would like to work in the city and be close to it as possible. I would love to live in the city, but to buy big house here would be so expensive!

Wedding invitation to Ms. Melody's wedding! Hooray! and You can see Cityville game in the background.
 I personalized my RSVP card =) Hello Kitty says hello!
Two will be attending! =)

Went to the Cable Car Diner because it was on the way to dinner yesterday. I was craving for this! SO YUMMY!

 How the diner looks from inside the car. =)
Lo and I were craving for Kingdom of Dumpling in Sunset! These are chicken with napa dumplings. We came at the right time because we were seated right away. less than 2minutes later, all the tables were filled and people were waiting outside! PHEW! I hate going there because its so stuffy and cramped inside the restaurant. However, the food is good and definitely worth it.
 Shanghai soup dumplings! Inside them is filled with meat and soup. =) Biting into them will result in a burst of subtle but tasty fillings. The sauce they provide for dipping is the key to all these dumplings. Its a simple mixture of soysauce and vinegar.
 Grilled chicken friend rice (Lo's favorite!) and beef chow fun! So darn good! We both make our way across the city and wait in line just for the fried rice here! This is how fried rice should be made in every restaurant!

I am Spade309! RANK THREE! for now. =(

I have corresponded with the top 6 players at one point before. All except the 2nd were friendly and I like them all. BOOO number two! He killed Gambit! =( That was my alliance before and I ran it then. I came up with the name and everything. He killed my gusto because before, I was crazily into the game. Now, I just play because I like my ranking. Okay, he didn't kill Gambit.. he said he would attack all of my members so Lo dismissed the alliance to prevent them from getting attacked. I believe Lo and I acted to quickly. We should have just stayed strong and waited everything out, but at the time, we lost all of our troops and couldn't do anything for them. Well, I am now hazy of what happened but I remember shaking all over because I was so sad and angry. I guess, in a strange way, Killbank freed me from my obsession over the game and taught me to separate game and reality. That is why I am spending less than playing the game. So thanks dude for that only,

Well, I can't type much anymore. My baby Andre wants to be carried and I can't type properly now. Good bye! Good night!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

School Blues

My laptop ran out of memory so I can't transfer my pictures from my phone to save them.. It is mostly just junk stuff and I am waiting for Lo and help clear them for me because I do not know anything about my laptop except how to use the internet and well, very basic stuff.

School will not be fun anymore.. at least for the time being. The owner had set up more regulations and rules and it feels like an opression! I went to school on time for two days! Had to ask Melody to open up her wifi so I can manage Haypi during class. I have to redo my hunting and training time now because a new instructor will come on Monday. The owner is taking away Ms. Vicki and may take Henry away too. So, the change is this: if I come late, I will be written up. If late three times a week, I will be suspended for a week. If more than that, I will be kicked out and the school will keep my tutition money. If I wear jeans, I will be written up. If I leave for lunch, or go anywhere, I will be written up. If I chew gum, use my cellphone or decline a client (even if that client stinks), written up!!!! Freaking hell, its like we paid to learn from them and they are treating us like slaves! There are very stinky and dirty people who come in to get services in my school. So gross! And we will have to service them.

Okay, about what happened at school days ago, a student was unfairly escorted by police and banned from coming back to school! She had only 8 more hours left and that day was her last day! The school is so wrong! EVIL MAN!!!!!!! This is her life and they just did that to her! I mean, comon! She just yelled a bit. No body was hurt and she didn't harm anybody or thing in the process! They gave her no chances and just kicked her out. So mean! The school is ruled by a dictator who is cold and two-faced! He said he would call her to talk about a resolution but never did. He said he was an understanding man and the next day, he told instructors that he would not bring her back! Horrible! She is normally a very nice and helpful student. She would help new students and take on all clients when asked to. This is complete injust! The school had many meetings because of that and I feel a great dread to come to school now. I hope this new instructor will be friendly because nobody is happy about these new changes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Say what? =)

Remember the Henry incident? Well, today he told me that no one had ever did that to him before. Did what I asked, yelled at him? He said yes. He said when he opens his own salon someday soon, he will call me. He wants Seegil (she is really good at what she does and have her own clientele base already) and I to work along side him. He said I am smart and he liked how I was not scared to yell at him. He will teach me more if I do work with him later in the future. I find it really funny and pretty darn cool. =) I may take up on his offer, but I would like to find a job in an upscale salon to learn more there first. This being said, I will delete the mean pictures of poor teacher Henry that I had posted up earlier. =X EEP!

I am so sleepy! Must sleep early tonight! Have been making great efforts to go to school early... Haypi Kingdom is so bad for me! Maintaining my ranking is so hard! Rank 3 now!!!!!! YAY! I actually dreamt of the game last night! I dreamt that the two top players were attacked until their prestige went down to 700 or 70ish! It made me feel so sad for them but at the same time, I felt scared for my troops too! For some reason, the top two players, although their prestige depleted, still were the top 2 in the server! How unfair! And then my in my dream state, I was a virtual player in the game, walking on the game's maps and trying to make my way through it unharmed. Ah me! I acutally got Lo to play with me again. He and I were making our way through the map, hiding from other alliance members to avoid trouble. This game is taking over my subconscious now!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lo Lo Lo

31st month Anniversary! =)
Went to eat at Marnee Thai on Irving street. We ordered lots.. again.. ohhhh boy! I am still so full! So sleepy now! I slept at 2am last night to play Haypi... and woke up early for school! My second day and I came to school at 9:45am! Hope I can stick with this! Cut two client's hair today! I had a client REQUEST for ME! X) LALALALALAA YAY! Pretty neato! And I washed a lady's hair too.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Meuy Christmas

School started again today... BOOOOO... I am trying to make an effort to go to school on time or at least, earlier than I had before! It starts at 9am. I came at 9:45 today! Cheers! It beats the old time of 11 or 12! I make myself wake up earlier to manage my Haypi game first, took an hour, then head off to school. It was chill today. I cut two client's hairs and then left with Melody to City Hall so she could get her marriage license. =) We ate at McDonalds (my first time in a while, I usually go to Carl's Jr for their jalapeno burgers).
Stuff happened after Wednesday of last week but it has been cleared today. Just want to vent it here though. I went home to check my email and saw that I was charged $19.99 for the application Henry made me download for him. I was so livid with anger that I called Henry and yelled at him. He sounded surprised and his voice was filled with remorse that I felt guilty after hanging up. SO PISSED OFF but I felt sympathetic. Why me and why do I have to be so compassionate?? (12/31)

Long story short, Henry paid Lo for the items ordered and service fees (only $40) and me back. I wrote him a letter on a free card I got from the mail and had Lo give it to Henry as they were to meet before school started. My first letter was shorter and more meaner. Lo and I agreed that I should write another one. So I did. My second letter was longer and more kinder. I graffiti the card+envelop to make it appear friendlier because he is after all, still my superior and I need him to teach me. I had my Andre lick the seal! X) Lucky Henry got my baby's love. (12/31)

I was nervous going to school this morning because I was wary of what was to happen, but it went better than expected. Henry came over to me and said he liked my Christmas card. It felt normal in school. Overall, a good day. My first client, though he didn't tip me, was very nice and will be my regular client! =) He was in the military then became a hippie. I was his first haircut in 10 years! Super weird fellow, but kind nonetheless. My second client was a bore but tipped me two bucks.

<--- cover of the card (12/31)

I met Meuy up during my week off! Long time no see and still always great! Amazing person she is! I enjoy spending time with her lots! However, I keep bringing Lo with me and I know its not right, but I feel conflicted.. I want to be with Lo and I want to be with her too! So I may as well have both together; it is selfish I know. She didn't come all this way to hang out with Lo and I. She came for me! I do this with all my friends though.. I want it all.. =(

She lost weight! =) Happy for her! I shall follow suit and continue to strive! +( But it seems that I haven't lost any weight at all in recent pictures! AH ME! =( I like to eat.

Her gift for me! ERMM I didn't even know there was a tag!!!! =( I didn't read it. OOPS! I am so bad! I always go for the gifts first.. I love them! =) comfy and cuteee!

socks to match!
shirt =)

We went to eat dimsum at Hong Kong Lounge on Geary street since I was really craving.. =X Could have went with Hang but another time! The wait to get our table was an hour but Meuy agreed it was worth it! YUMMY! I ordered so many things on an empty stomach.. so many that we had to take lots home. We were so stuffed! I believe that is why it is best not to hang out with me on a daily basis; I get people fat!
Shrimp fun Cherng!!! I absolutely love this dish and so does my Lo! The sauce changes everything. So simple and yummy! I converted Meuy to like this one! =) I ordered two dishes just in case.. all gone in less than 5 minutes.
Fried shrimps, Ha gow, flat noodle wrapped bread, and potstickers. All gone too!
I ordered three of these mango pudding! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! We were insanely full when this came and there were still more dishes coming!
Tofu skin, siu mai (shrimp kind, I don't like the meat). The tofu skin tastes better than it sounds.. or looks. But we were sooooo full that it was hard to enjoy anything when these came. Still more came.. I didn't take pictures of the rest. We had a total of 17 dishes for three people. Yeah.. my fault! I was the one who ordered. X) It was good though!
Meuy treated me to this after window shopping around downtown. We first went to two starbucks cafes but both were filled with people/ no seating area. SO, we opted for the Border's cafe instead. It was a wise choice because our drinks were satisfying and we had a table to just chat.