Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wedding Plans: flowers

Like I said before, I have been planning my wedding and now I will post my current ideas and wedding details. This blog will be dedicated for my wedding's floral designs. All pictures for this post are not mine and have been found through

The color scheme for the entire wedding will consist of: white(cream), lavender, pastel/pale green and hints of black for a solid foundation. There will be four colors total. I like a soft and gender neutral feel.

I am still picking out my flowers and need to look into when they are available so the wedding will be around that season. I really want dahlias, but I don't think they look best in my arrangement ideas. Their colors may not come in what I desire and they are very bold in looks and I want a softer vibe.

Anyway, there will be brassica. I adore this flower! I also like the all green one but in pale green and when they are still budding. The stem is very thick and yes, I used this as my arrangement piece for school. It looked really unique and it is related to cabbage! =)

Some lemon leaf (Shallon) for fillers. It is very expensive to fill an entire arrangement with just flowers and its just bad for visual anyway. The eye needs to see the flowers distinctly and when everything is just flowers, nothing stands out. Wasteful

Mini calla lilies are also one of my favorites. They look so sweet and simple. I am not sure which color for these yet but it will be either lavender or white. Cannot be both for me.

Lilac in white/cream. They smell so beautiful! I love the sweet mild smell it gives off! It makes me feel at ease and happy.

Or lilacs in lavender! Most likely I will get this color because this color is exactly what I want in my scheme! But the cream above looks very beautiful doesn't' it?

These are hydrangeas! I want the small green ones as my fillers. I love how these looks when they are small.

Spider chrysanthemums are being considered but only if they have lavender colors. I really like chrysanthemums in general. They come in many variations.

I LOVE amaranthus! They look amazing in floral designs when used sparingly! Goodness I used this in one of my arrangements and it came out so beautifully. It regret not taking a picture of it! I love the way it hangs out and gives a flow from the container to the leaf work above. In green!

I can't find a picture that looks like what is in my head for my arrangements. What I would like are two different types of center pieces. One will be the short round ones in a glass vase. A black ribbon will go around the vase for the solid foundation. As for the other center piece, it will be tall so there will be a flow from the ceiling to the tables. Black stones will fill only the bottom of the tall vases for weight to prevent toppling and for my color scheme. Each table will have one center piece and everything should flow throughout the room! =)

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