Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday events

AND SO.. I am very angry at the moment. My instructor, Henry, rudely demanded that I give him my itune password so he could download applications. I told him no because it has my credit card number in it and I will not be charged for his stuff. He said: "I don't care.".."You have to give it". I still can't believe how mean he was about it. I was shocked and felt bullied at the time. He gave me his phone and I did type in the password so he could download that one free application.. But no more! I will be on guard from now on. It was such a surprise and now I feel as if I was abused in some way. I do not like that man from here on ward.

He still owes my Lo 100 bucks for fixing his two laptops! Lo spent over ten hours figuring out the problem on his first laptop. Henry did not pay for that. The second one, he said he did not want to take advantage and will pay.. and he has yet to do so. He told Lo that he would pay today, nada dinero. The pictures I am posting up is my way to vent out. He likes to take advantage of his job by getting free hair washes, cuts and facials. I posted this on facebook with my explanation of his meanness, but I deleted them all. I do not want to get in him trouble in any way. Best for me to vent here where no one reads. I may remove these pictures here too if I feel differently later on. I do not want to incriminate him in any way. This is out of my anger that I am posting these pictures up.

Candy was just transfered to the Oakland branch where she is suppose to work there from now on. I feel robbed. She is my friend and they took her away! I was not able to say goodbye!

My other friend may leave the US soon because of her citizenship status. This is total bullshit! I hate the law! It sucks!
Another thing before I go move on to happier things. My wonderful cousin Linh thought she was pregnant. It was the best news I have ever heard, family-wise! We truly need a baby in the family! Everyone is older now and a new baby would be great. Earlier today, while she was taking her pregnancy test, she got her period! What a loser! =) I hope she does get pregnant soon because her baby boy, my nephew, was the cutest baby boy ever!! He was sunshine and daisies. Linh is beautiful and if her future baby is a girl, she will be extremely blessed with looks! I have hope that a baby will come in the near future. =) Pui should have a baby too! Amber was sunshine and roses! She was so cute! She is extremely smart and an additional child in her home would give her a little break from all the hardcore rules and regulations. It would have helped me alot, but I was and still am, very much ruled over.

Linh's bun rieu
We had the family dinner yesterday and it went great! Linh's bun rieu was super YUMMY! I loved it alot! The kids and ladies of my family really liked my gifts! =) Amber and Durango really liked their new MP3 players! When Lo, parents and I left, they were very much engrossed with trying to figure out how to use their new toy. =) YAY! Super auntie! Amber's exact quote: "Are you serious? Really?" Pui, Amber's mom was happy to know that Lo and I added stories into their mp3s instead of songs so it has a more educational usage. =) YAY ME! Thank YOU LO! The kids also divided and conquered the sillybandz. They didn't hear me when I told them to split each packet as there are two of each shape in one.. (+_+). Every one liked their booties though! YAY! =) HORRAY! Mission: Santa Alisa was a success!

Tommy got a new tv.. its HUGE and very nice looking! His pride and joy (aside from his family!) Its really awesome! It would be scary to watch a horror movie with it though.. the people in the screen appear larger than us standing next to it.
Durango and our gingerbread tree
Amber with her Rudolf nose! =)

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  1. RAWR! hate people pissing my honey off! bad Henry! should have asked politely and if my honey says no then it means nO! =) i know that very well! although i don't listen HEHEHEHE. LOVE YOU HONEY! it was fun at Linh's house! hope she has little munchkin soon! sorry we couldn't stay long since i had to go ><.