Monday, December 20, 2010

This week's

 Lo's Mom made this for me! <3 I normally do NOT like soy, but I ate her's because she made it for me. =) It was good too. Durian soy (Vietnamese sticky rice). She even wrapped a fork for me too! Hooray! She likes me.. I hope!
I walked to Macy's after school, enduring the cold and wind to find gifts for my family. I bought six of these booties because they have pom poms on the sides and are comfortable. =) One for mom, Linh, Pui, Nancy, the aunt and myself. All are medium sized to be safe. I hope they like it! The picture shows mom wearing hers in the background. =)
The Silly Bandz came! They are really strange.. More are on their way! I hope they come before Wednesday! My family will be celebrating our Christmas early because we want Frank to be there. He works during all major holidays.
My priority was to buy Lo a Christmas present! And I did so before meeting up with him! Super Me!
I like wrapping stuff. Craft paper and a nice big ribboned rose that I made myself! I also have those stickers of letters that I used to differentiate. I chose color of the booties for each person. Pui got purple like mine.
Linh's booties are colored pink. Her wrapping has two ribboned roses but the camera didn't catch that. The ribbon is smaller than the gold one.
Nancy's booties are also pink. I wanted to change my wrapping paper's color so I used blue with gold patterns. =) I didn't feel like making another rose so I just tied it. Still looks nice.
I would love this ribbon if the glitter didn't come off. It is wired ribbon so it molds into how I like, which is fantastic! Plus, I have lots of it. Too bad the glitter is so messy! My aunt got the leopard prints because she likes wearing them.
At Marnee Thai on Irving, Sunset. They have real orchids on each table! Expensive flowers, orchids. 12/17
My hot tea because it was so cold! It was raining and both Lo and I were hungry! 12/17
 Garlic spicy sauce. I like this. =) 12/17
Their spicy angel wings that wasn't spicy at all! Lo loves it lots. I think Lo and I developed a high tolerance for spice.. 12/17
Tom Yum soup to warm our bodies up! It was yummy but there was little of it. Marnee Thai is pricey for the amount of food they serve. Their quality is well worth it though! 12/17
 Thai style fried rice! It tasted good too! Aces! 12/17
Dinner time, so they put candles on each table. We had lots on the table as is, no more room for this added decor. 12/17
Union Square's Christmas tree! It is huge and pretty. =) Lo and I wanted to go to Cheesecake factory, but the wait was three hours and we were famished! So we went to King of Thai Noodle on Clement instead. Thai food is heavenly. The King of Thai Noodle in downtown was very crowded. 12/18
King of Thai Noodle's papaya salad with dried shrimp! We both love this dish and order it at every Thai restaurant. Spice is nice too. =) I don't like papaya itself, but the salad is always great. 12/18
A noodle dish Lo picked to try out. We did not like it. I don't recall the name. 12/18
 Pineapple fried rice, no cashew nuts! 12/18
At the parking lot for San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker! 12/19
They were selling these. I assume they would be overpriced. The scarves they were also selling were 70 bucks and not worth it! 12/19
Their Christmas tree wasn't big at all; it was put on top of a table. Lame.. 12/19
Inside our seating area. The height was freaky! I took this from our seats! Balcony seating and in the center! 69 bucks a ticket. I will not bring my parents with us again for these types of things. They did not enjoy it and spoiled the fun. Next year I hope to go with Lo to the symphony for Christmas music! 12/19
Their huge lighting. It didn't look very nice.. but Lo liked it. I prefer Phantom of the Opera's chandelier. 12/19

The Snow King ornament. It looks cute. Or is it the nutcracker after transformation? 12/19
The San Francisco Symphony!!!!! We will go inside next year! I hope! It looks very pretty from the outside. The picture didn't do it justice! Each window has its own decorated tree! 12/19

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  1. you're my super sweety with a big heart! my super sweet heart! =]. always thinking about people! hehe think you should think about me more! i wanna hog you! AHHHH! your pictures of marnee makes me crave for their angel wings! we need to go get some soon! i am hungry! nHom nhom! =).