Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Helloo!!! How have you been? =)
Nothing special since my last posting. Been playing monopoly though! Its a fun game! I like it lots! My Lo's Christmas gift for me! He wrapped it himself! Very good job! I didn't think he could do it so well.(0+___+0)

the top view.
The bottom view.
For Candy
 The silly bandz came! I ordered the Hello Kitty/Sponge Bob ones for my little niece and nephew. And! I also ordered a more erotic package for Candy!!!

ermm 69???

from the behind

They are funny! =) Looks cool and they are for adults! Funny stuff!

 The two packages for the kids. =)

OH!! Mickey Mouse too!
Hello Kitty only

I am Spade309!!! =) Was rank 4 in the entire server!!! Now I am rank 5 because I don't attack others for prestige points. Oh well! A great fleet for me! Phoenixx is my alliance! The spelling is wrong because Phoenix was already taken. SSHH!!! Phoenixx, the name, was inspired by Harry Potter! But the meaning suits with what happened. Gambit fell, Phoenixx rises always! =) And my alliance is a good one, bright light of goodness. YUPP. Was just invited to join Ancients today but I declined, for the second time. Was also invited into Rome. The top alliances want me but no, no! I will stay in my own little bubble to avoid trouble. =)
My cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream! I love hot chocolate with whip cream! It makes a huge difference! The coolness and the heat mellows out and tastes great together. =)

OH! You can see my keys! Hello Kitty keychain and heart from my Lo. Hang's keychain strap too! =)

Well, good night folks!

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