Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa John


I worked with this man for two years and he played his santa job like it was his calling card of life. He really did look after the kids and was genuine in wanting to spread the Christmas spirit around. He worked long hours and days! Comon! Even as an elf, it was very stressful to cater to demanding and insensitive parents. Its just a picture with santa but most costumers were very rude and inconsiderate! Santa John when on the job, ignored the long lines and took time to talk to each child to make the long hours of waiting worth it (he annoyed our boss many times for this). I feel that some people are just too senstive. I was almost fired my first year because of this. This little boy needed to go do a number two really badly but he was next to see santa, so I jokingly told him not to poo on santa. He made it alright and it was fine. I got a call from my boss the next day that his parents called Macy's to complain about an elf teaching their son crude language and wanted me fired! Lucky my boss liked me enough to keep me. He understands that some parents are really touchy. He was my first boss and a really nice one too. I hope he is doing well! Shout outs to Larry! Anyway, Santa John should have many job offers because there are many who will follow him. From two years that I worked there, many customers come year after year and wait to take a picture with just him. Its a wonderful tradition and they want the same face with all their pictures.

By the way, people should get it in their heads that Macy's is not in charge of the pictures with Santa. Its another company called Merrills! I got Lo a job with me two years ago and he knows that the job is stressful! Lots of complaints because we were at closing time and people kept wanting to get in. They threatened to report us to Macy's because we were supposed to cater to customer's needs. Ermm, NO. That was not true because we won't be paid after hours and Macy's was not our employer. Dispite all the stress and crazy headaches, I loved my job there. The kids made it so worth while. I recall this little boy (toddler) was really scared of santa so I befriended him and got him to sit on santa's lap so his parents could get the picture they wanted. When it was all over, that little boy kept coming back for me and wanted me to carry him! It was the cutest and sweetest thing ever! I remember he was very cute! That is one of my fondest memories while working. There are many others too.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

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