Monday, December 20, 2010

My rambles

Xoxo Juniors Lace Skirt Rosette Halter Dress, Ivory, 7
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And so.. the dress I ordered at Macy's will come tomorrow; I needed it yesterday for the Nutcracker! BUT ITS OKAY! =) I will wear it for Melody's wedding in March!!!! HOORAY!!!! Friends getting married is such a beautiful thing! I LOVE, LOVE! I believe the dress is appropriate for her fancy rich wedding.. I hope so! Her wedding will be at the Yaht Club, a place I have never been to but heard of. Her cake will be chocolate! She and her fiancee just married legally today!!!!!!!

This girl keeps ditching me in school... I was so lonely for three days! Jenny bought me hot chocolate to cheer me up! People like me loads in the school! I feel like a baby there. Funny stuff mannn.
Lo is at home. I am at home. We live in seperate homes. I miss Lo. =(

Lo got me two big bottles of water, so big that I need to pour water into a cup to drink. SO, I am using a wine glass. It makes me feel classy. =) I like holding the cup. I drink it like an alcoholic! chug chug chug HAHAHA [I am so cool, no lie].

Today I did not get any tips from a shampoo wash. Its okay though! I got to play with the older lady's hair! I was blow drying it with no clue of what I was doing. It came out nicely too! My hands are made to be a cosmetologist! She told me she did not have extra money to tip me but asked for my business card so she can come back!

That reminds me! On December 16, I was given a $40 tip for a $5 haircut!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! Such a compliment! I don't believe I did a good job though. I took my time to be thorough and cleaned his hair hairs, trimmed his eyebrows too. My costumer service is superb, I like to think. I declined it of course! It makes me feel bad to take money like that. I told him to give me two instead because I will not take that amount. He gave me three. Really nice man. He will be back and request me from now on! YIPPIE! All the tips I receive are saved and will go for my trip to Vietnam! I hope it adds up to a good amount when I graduate! Quynh's and Alex's wedding!!! I may be related to Alex though.. very, very, very and VERY distant family link. May be. His last name is Duong after all.

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