Saturday, December 25, 2010



I hope everyone is happy and with those they love! LIVE LAUGH AND LOVE! =)

I woke up super early and went to clement with mom. I carried all three bags: one on each shoulder and one by hand. My right shoulder has bruises from the heavy weight! Mom is not allowed to carry heavy stuff! She is way too fragile and in pain lots of pain and I will not allow her to get more if I can help it. Her job for today was to select the produces, buy them and hold the umbrella since it was raining. We traveled by bus so it was more work. Mom made bun bo hue and eggrolls! I ate so much that my tummy aches and it hurts to move.. My family ate almost everything and there were lots of stuff! We were not even supposed to meet up today but mom planned this just last night.

The little ones were funny! They liked my gifts!!! YAYAYAYYY!!! =)
Lo gave me Hello Kitty Monolopy board game!!!!!! Its so cute! We will play it tomorrow! 

Well, I am super sleepy and need to get ready to sleep. I woke up too early and did lots of stuff today. Lots of cleaning, grocery shopping, prepping for dinner and cooking. =X

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  1. Hi my love! =). hope you like your gift! will get you more cool Sanrio stuff! hehe. finally commenting on your blog! bad me took so long! SORRY! hope you're well! i miss you lots since i left you! ><. wanted to hang out with you more! LALALALA! LOVE YOU!