Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last minute presents

Its 1:48am and I am still up trying to download the stories into the mp3 players for my niece and nephew.. Lo finished downloading them while ago but kept forgetting to bring the stuff over. Tomorrow is the dinner and I won't have time to work on it during the day. I haven't even wrapped the gifts yet either! AHHH

Since I have time, I will make an organized list of the events that I have planned. =)
Dec 22 (wednesday): School. Early family Christmas dinner!
Dec 23 (thursday): Lunch with Pim
Dec 24 (friday): Laundry day
Dec 25 (saturday): Lunch and movie with Hang.. but really? On Christmas day? Maybe I have the date wrong.. But I am very sure its on a saturday! I need to call and check
Dec 28 (tuesday): Sking with school friends and Lo!!!!! YAY! I never been sking before and Kristine invited us to go. =) It will only be a one day event and I can't wait! Snow snow snow!
Dec 29 (wednesday): I hope to go to target today or before so I can get the wrapping paper deals! After Christmas sales are so wonderful for giftwrapping items =)

I am so sleepy.. 30 more minutes to go! The mp3 player I bought sucks.. =( I am very sad. I thought it would be good but it couldn't even fit all the stories of Harry Potter in there! Only one book is able to be stored into the memory. AWWW MAN! I hope they like it anyway.. =( One day I will get better stuff for them! I really want to! I am so broke its not even funny andI spend like crazy... mostly for other people and on food. =X

Want to sleep... =(

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