Sunday, December 12, 2010

Haypi Kingdom server 14 has way too much drama. I don't even know who to trust.. Whatever... just keeping to myself and avoiding trouble. I am rank 8 in the entire server!!!! MAHAHAHAH without attacking anyone! I do have a pen pal of sorts in there. =) nice fellow. Sold me a scepter for 40k (speaking nerd language here!) I wonder if I do quit, will I lose this friendship? I hope not, but if so.. Oh well... =( life goes on. And Lo is all who matters anyway. BUT I WANT TO KEEP ALL FRIENDS! =( am I asking for too much? The vices in the alliance won't even reply to my messages! WHY? =(

[Oh, random fact, I like the name Deron now... how about naming my future son that? I also liked Donte before, but not now. That name reminds me of a boy in middle school who I sat next to. He farted so much that the teacher kicked him out of class for that! I liked Darien because of Sailor Moon too! Or! How about David? Or is that too plain? Names that starts with D's for boys are my favorites! How about Daron? Duron? Durian? =) I am kidding about the last one.]

This will be a picture filled blog! Hooray! Thanks to my new phone (thank you Linh forever!), I can take lots of pictures! I also wrapped some of the gifts I got for friends and family =). Not much but its all good. More gifts are on the way. I just ordered those Silly Bandz for my sweet niece and nephew! I got the "rare" Hello Kitty and Sponge Bob shapes for them too. I also ordered one for Candy too! They are shaped as sexual positions, her area of interest! It cost me 20 bucks total but its okay! I am hoping to get a nice amount of money back from my birthday to pay off my debts.. I hope so! I didn't even buy Lo anything yet! But I do have something in mind.. I just need to plan when to get it.

Lo and my nephew, Durango! They were bonding over a ds game =) Durango was so cute when he was a baby! He had very VERY big cheeks that actually sagged! If I can find the pictures, I will post them up! This was the day I was able to use my new phone under T-mobile contract. Linh made dinner for us too! =) We were at her home.

Random picture of my baby's butt! The way he was laying was so cute I just had to take a picture. The white bear is his favorite.

My Lo! =) He can control his boobies to move.. its pretty freaky. I cut his hair! =)

Without cheating, I got all four deuces! =) How awesome is that? I won!

Melody made this for me during school! A 3-d snow flake. Its pretty cool. I taped it to my bookshelf to display it at home.

I made paper roses! One for Melody and one for Candy. They were the left over paper from the snow flake. Very small roses. =)

I had bleached a client's hair and had lots left over so I grabbed a maniquin's head to play with. My first time highlighting hair and I was lazy to use the foils. It came out better than I thought it would.

My Christmas gift for my mom. Got her Este Lauder purfume and makeup gift set. Total cost was 150 bucks.. Cost too much! I haven't spent that much on myself in a long while! She doesn't know I got it for her! So shhh! I really like the box it comes in. The floral design is very pretty.

The makeup set and perfume set. Two big boxes that I need to wrap. =)

Wrapped perfume set!

Wrapped and with fun decors by myself, the makeup box set! I like now funky it looks. =) And I love craft paper! I have a huge roll of it for wrapping! I love wrapping paper and accessories in general.

I don't know why this picture keeps coming out sideways but it was not taken like this and I can't figure out how to turn it. But this is Tila's Christmas present! Cute huh! Hello Kitty scrapbook set!

After I wrapped and decorated her gift it looks like this. Her gift was double wrapped. The first time I did it was with another wrapping paper but I decided to do another and left the first on as well. More to unwrap!

 My dad's gift is a mutiblade scissor. He likes to cut addresses out of junk mail so this would help him save time. I bought this for 10bucks. Money does equal my love to them. Its the thoughts that counts and unfortunately for me, mom's gift required more.

One of two mp3 players for Amber and Durango. Lo is downloading Raul Dalh stories for me at the moment. We will open them up and put the stories in there so they can listen right away. I hope they like it! =) I can't wrap these up yet.
Melody's wedding gift. She likes Hello Kitty so I bought this for her! Its the same as what I bought for Quynh. She will marry December 20th!

I didn't bother to wrap it up but put into this cute cherry blossom patterned bag for her. The tissue paper is from my collection. I have a lot of tissue paper! All white though.

I bought this and will put something in it for Candy! The bag says "baby candy" so how could I not buy it! =)

This is Hang's much over due birthday present! The box is small, but I really hope she likes the contents inside it! I took pictures of it too but will post them up after I see her. Green and purple looks good together huh.

View from the top.
Today's dinner with Lo at a Korean restaurant near my home. I ordered kimchee fried rice to try it out. I did not like it very much but that's just me. Thank you Lo for dinner!
Lo's java chip frap and my peppermint mocha! Both with whipped cream! YUMMY!

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