Saturday, December 11, 2010

happy balloon popped

So I was carrying around this great air of happiness and now it has been popped. Thanks Quynh. Thank you lots. I was super excited to go to her wedding in 2012 but now she says it will be moved a year early.. 2011. I can't go. I can't afford the tickets to fly to Vietnam.. I can't leave home on good terms because I have no job and still in school then! This sucks so much.. I know it is her wedding and she can do whatever she pleases, but I really want to go. I wanted to help plan her wedding! I made lists for her to orangize her big day and now I can't even go........ 2012 would be better for me since I would be out of school and working for a year. That will give financial freedom to do and go where ever I want. This blows. thanks quynh for such a wonderful present.


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