Friday, December 31, 2010

Hang-ing around

On Wednesday, after going to Hang's place for the first time unsuccessfully, Lo and I headed to Quicklys. On the way back to the car, this seagull's wing hit my head upon his landing!!! Pretty cool. He landed close to me =). Just had to take a picture! (12/29)

While awaiting for Hang, Lo and I went back to my place and I decided, on the spur, the paint my baby's nails pink. It was his spa day and he fell asleep during the drying process! =) BAHAHA He looks so much like an old man here with his mole! (12/29) 

View of city hall
Hotel decor

Lo and I decided to book a hotel room in the city. Such lovely decor and I just had to take a picture! I kid!!! This is Hang's room! OMGG!!! Its amazingly spotless and so tidy and very VERY lovely!!!! I kept feeling around.. I want it! This room was the reason why I made Lo slaved twice to change my room! So pretty huh! I wanted to copy this but my room has wayyy too many stuff! Oh well, I will live with what I have until I can afford change! I should get rid of my stuffed animals, but they all have history behind them that I can't bring myself to part ways. (12/29)

 Hang and I went to watch The Tourist, starring Johnny Dept and Angelina Jolie! I liked the movie alot and will buy the dvd some day! Hang fell asleep during a scary scene... right?? I had no idea... though I said I knew! (+__+)

After the movie, we both headed to Thai Stick on O'Farral street. We both ordered a martini! Mine was lychee and her's was passion fruit. My first drink, that I actually liked! I had some in the past, but this time was special. This time I acutally I felt so grown and mature! Hmm alcohol shouldn't define my maturity, but it did in some ways. Pretty neato. My drink was sweet and yummy. So yummy that a fly flew in and swam in it before Hang pushed it inside to die.. I had to call Lo afterward to brag! (12/29)
 Fish cake =) (12/29)
 Pineapple fried rice. Yummy! (12/29)
Pad Thai. We both shared the entrees and were both so stuffed it was hard to breath! In fact, after I got home, I couldn't talk well and my chest hurted lots. I really walked fast! Was kinda scared and had to look at my shadow in case some stranger/crazy person gets too close. It was really dark and secluded walking home. (12/29)

Hang's gifts for me!!!!! DARNIT! I didn't even think to take a picture before I tore the wrappings off! AHHH!!! Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU HANG!!!! LOVE MY GIFTS!!!!! SOOO SWEET! I will use the bag for school.. but I am worried someone would steal it from me.. So I will use it at home! for my hair brushes then! (12/29)
The card! =) VERY Sweet lady! Such sweet words inside. All for meeee! ... I didn't write her a card!!! EEP! =( (12/29)
I tried to use the makeup today and I really like the mascara alot! The rest I have yet to use. Seriously.. she was wayyyy too generous. One would have been enough! Shheesh! (12/29)

Its 2:12am! New Years Eve! I would love to see the fireworks but I can't. Mom will not allow. =( Oh pooo. The things I do to make her happy! I trap Lo with me too. Poor young fellow!

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