Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Pictures!

April 2010
December 2010
I think I lost weight since starting school. I have been eating alot less than before and I walk to and fro school every day. However, when I do eat, I eat alot. I don't really notice any change until I try on my clothes back in high school. Just this summer I couldn't even fit into my little black jacket! Now I can wear it with ease. And the dress I bought for the Nutcracker two years ago was so tight I couldn't breathe so I couldn't wear it for Quynh's and Alex's city hall wedding. I tried it on recently (will wear it again for this Nutcracker, unless my new dress comes in time) and it fits! YAY! I blame Lo for my weight gain. Melody said that when one is happy and comfortable in their relationship, one tends to gain weight. She gained twenty pounds, her fiance and soon to be husband (in a week!) gained 40 pounds. I gained twenty and Lo gained twenty as well. Its all the yummy foods we ate I tell you! AND we drive more than walk. I prefer to walk to places by Lo's stamina is very bad. Anyway, my face looks slightly smaller in my most recent picture! Still very round, but smaller! However, December's parties and get-togethers are filling my tummy up constantly! Upcoming Saturday is Cheesecake Factory as my birthday gift from Lo with Hang as well! YAY! I can't wait to give her, her gift! AND!!!!!! Early Christmas dinner with family on Wednesday! Lunch with Pim on Thursday and another unplanned date with Meuy too. Oh great oh great (0_0) too much food! I am tired of food now. Yesterday's sushi madness killed food for me. Plus, I had Japanese with Lisa day before my birthday. The recent picture of me was during our dinner. =) I love her car!!! Audi is so pretty! I get scared to mess up her car and kept feeling around like a crazy person. It looks like the bat mobile!

four of seven trays
three trays and fried shrimps

three trays and sauces

YUMMY CHICKEN!!!!! Lemon is great with it!

Family's first time ordering take out food! Mom usually makes the entire dinner but she is suffering alot of pains and could not do alot of work. I really hope she heals soon! Poor Tommy had to eat ramen noodles because he doesn't know how to eat sushi. LOSERR!!! It was a mixture of raw and cooked, veges and meaty. AND two trays of yummy chicken! I love it with the lemon juice over it and with the yummy spicy mayo. =) its really a sriracha hot sauce and kewpie mayo mixture.

 I wanted tiramisu but family likes durien.
Nancy's cake for her dad

Amber, Lo and I graffiti-ed my cake =)
Lo's V <3 A. Amber also wrote [Lo] + Alisa = <3.

Di nam made this arrangement for me!
Nancy's roses for me. I like her =)

He was very happy playing with candles.
Overly happy!

Its very big and needed two shots. =)
Lo's bouquet of balloons for me! <3

Amber gave it to me! =)
Durango made this for me and wrapped it
Why does it keep loading sideways?!
These look wayy better in person. =(

My 9in Christmas tree! I decorated this myself
I did this for my birthday

My cousin Frank, the overly happy one! =) He drinks a bit much every time we gather up. He kept smiling like a crazy person! =) He was really, really, REALLY great to me when I was younger. He spoiled me, this one did. My cousin! Now he has his own munchkin to spoil!

Lo came into my school holding the bouquet of balloons!! So sweet but so embarrassing! Drew lots of attention toward me! OH DEAR! I was really surprised! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! AND I LOVE HIM TOO! (0^__^0) He also bought me three slices of cake and fried shrimp wontons! X) AND HOT CHOCOLATE WITH WHIP CREAM! X) YUMMYYY!!!!!!!!

Quynh and Alex came to my birthday dinner! =) thanks for coming guys! YAY! Definitely will try to make it to your wedding! I will get stuff ready next month! Things are cleared up and I am super excited all over again!!!!!!!

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