Friday, December 31, 2010

almost died

Lo and I almost died today! Seriously! It would have been instant death and we were fighting too! =( Would have sucked big time to die like that.

Lo was speeding at 70mpg on the freeway and it was nearing to Sf. We went to Wingstop in Daly City to eat. We had our fight there and left without eating any chicken. =(. Anyway, because he was mad, he sped and because I was mad, I sat in the backseat. Lucky he did because this white BMW would have hit my side directly! That car was speeding lots and came out of nowhere and almost hit our car! ON MY SIDE! I would have been mangled and both of us would have been killed on the spot because of the speed. I literally saw that car coming very close to me! Scary? I should say so! My first near death experience! We made up soon after. Pheww! 

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