Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vacation and then some

I am planning my summer.. I doubt I can go anyway but it is nice to just fantasize. It allows me to escape my mundane life and feel hopeful. Eventually I will go, but for now, I will just plan away and day dream. I am also planning my wedding too! Have lots of detailed down. =) I will have a blog solely for my dream wedding later. My honeymoon destination would be to go to Vietnam to take wedding photos there and eat good food, then fly to Thailand for a more romantic time.

Anyway, where I wish to go realistically this summer. At least, as real as I can make it in my fantasies. I would love to go to Los Angeles with Lo. We will have a blast in Universal Studios, go back to Disneyland to buy those big comfy hoodies and go to Hollywood to take pictures. Chinatown would be nice too. I want to go to Westminister for the foods. YUMMY!

If not, I would also love to go to Las Vegas. Watching Cher, Lance Burton, Jersey Boys, Phantom of the Opera and many of the cirque du soleil would be heavenly. I would love to go drinking with my Lo to see how we are as drunks. We are not drinkers so I would love to see how we are like. Also, I will want to stay in the nice hotels and venture to others as there are lots to see.

Ah well it is time for me to sleep. I am so sleepy. Unfortunately I left my charger at school so my itouch is running out of batteries. I was not able to play Haypi Kingdom has much today. I want to keep ranking up! =( At least I know that my troops are safe and that I have enough crops to keep my troops from starving. I like being almighty. People like me alot in my alliance. I find that sweet. =) It is the job of the leader to help their members! I try to do all that I can but it does get taxing. That is why I like them chatting with me. It makes the work less of work and more of a fun thing.

After all that eating of candies, my face has so many pimples! I haven't had this bad of a problem since high school! Maybe even since middle school! HELP MY POOR FACE! =(

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