Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tomorrow and then some

Rearranged room again. =) Well, yesterday starting at 12pm and ended at 2am. Still was not done and continued today. Still not done but my room looks ALOT better! My book shelves looks so beautiful! I love my book collection!

Currently downloading WOW. Should be done tomorrow? I hope so! Haypi is getting so boring. I rebuild my troops pretty fast. Have 16000 cavaleries now. I am currently watching Greys Anatomy and looking up what to buy for tomorrow! Lo and I will go to downtown for shopping spree! YAY! I have not been shopping in so long and I can't wait! I am also thinking about Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew. =) I am thinking about Pjs because they are comfy to wear and cute. For Amber's birthday, I am thinking about getting her the new Nano ipod. Going to have stories in there for her. Harry Potter, BFG, and other classics. No Twilight for sure! That is wayyy to mature for her age. For my nephew's birthday, I still don't know yet. another time. Good night

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