Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank you Linh!!!

Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 16GB
HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAAA I AM SOOO HAPPY! MY COUSIN LINH GAVE ME A NEW IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!! FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it was her birthday yesterday, but she gave me an early present. =) WEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

I just need to get a new sim card to fit into the new phone! YAYAYY!!!! Its in black but still, I finally have a new phone after three years of using the same old one! X)

The phone is really awesome! The pictures looks great and I can include backgrounds to it! What a wonderful life! And I am listening to Glee's songs in the background. I really like the show now for their music. Just started watching it this week and the actors are really talented! Triple threat!

I am now looking for Hello Kitty cases for my phone! YAY!!!!!!
Hello Kitty Shiny See Through Purple Case for Iphone 4 I like that it is simple but isn't. There are only two colors in there and the look isn't overwhelming. But I do not love it.

Kitty iPhone 4 Hard Case Blue

I like this one because she is reading a book! ( ^_^ )
However,there is too much going on for me.

Kitty iPhone 4 Hard Case Light Pink

I Like this because your main focus will be on Hello Kitty and the background is there as an after glance. There seem to be a flow and I like that.

This one is very nice. I like how its sleek and metallic.

There are so many to choose from and I don't want to rush into buying a case now. Since money is low, I am down to my last 1k now. =( So, I need to be careful of my spending, but it is really difficult!

Oh, all pictures in this blog is linked to If you like any of these, you can buy them directly from the pictures. Good day!

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