Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stuff and Fluff

Its going to be a dull day today. No Lo, no fun. I think I handled last night's events well. It started out so nicely. Lo picked me up early from school and we went to get milk tea! Then family dinner to see my dear niece and nephew. My niece is starting the Harry Potter series! I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER! It is my favorite series and I reread the books every summer. I listen to the audio everyday when I walk to and fro school. Each time is a new experience for me. My niece is so similar to me in personality, interest and looks for some reason. (At least back when I was her age. I hope she isn't as crazy as me and stick with academic life). She came to the resturant with the book and was too engrossed to put it down. How it brings back memories of me! She was scolded to stop reading and so was I before. I really hope she enjoys the series as much as I did. My nephew is like Lo. Gamers... so lame. =)

After dinner I logged into Haypi Kingdom to find myself being attacked by Daskento. He also was attacking Lo after all that explanation and dumbing out the events for him. He still didn't get it. He is weak, really. Had to go to others to attack him. We didn't even do anything but soon after Lo received a message from Killbank that they would attack all of our members. That was a low thing to do. So to save our members, we disbanded. I am thinking about making another alliance called Phoenix (Gambit reborn and never die. I think it would be really cool) but I really don't want to do the leadership part. I just want to play without any responsibilities. Then again, Lo is going to show me WOW tomorrow!!!!! I enjoyed Haypi for the friendships, but even that is very inconsistent. I feel that I had put too much of myself into that game and receive little back. I was shaking all over and my stomach hurted because I was so angry and sad yesterday. Angry and sad because I was going to lose the friendship not because of getting attacked. But I now see that my attachment to the people in the alliance is wasteful. I have received little back from them. All I did was give and give. I think I may join another alliance just because its easier to. I have been getting alot of invites and its pretty cool. I just feel drained emotionally by this game. Maybe in a day or two, I will be all sorted out and feel differently. I reached my goal though. My first time every playing this type of game and I ranked top ten! Lo and I are the power couple! If we do choose to play again, it would be easy to climb up, but the game is too stressful during the last few days. Unnecessary so.

On an unrelated note, I finally got the swirl design mastered! YAY! For nail design! Nail art is pretty =)
I am also very excited for Thanksgiving this year! Pui's mom is here in the states and she is really sweet. Hope she likes our home cooking! We will also celebrate three family birthdays next week. OY! AND I am hoping Lo and I could go to the Hair Expo in San Jose next Sunday. I will need to borrow money so I can by lots of stuff! I will need new trimming shears, paper for hair dyes, colors and developers and a Tattoo clipper. Should make a list of what I would need. FUN FUN FUN!

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