Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am so sleepy! Been lacking so much sleep these past three days. I slept 2 hours, 5 hours and just last night, only 4 hours! Family Thanksgiving dinner was early this year. In fact, it just ended a few hours ago. Wonderful dinner made by my mom and fun time with family. I did Linh's nails! The theme was shooting stars and I really like it for its simplicity. It took a while to do but it looks really nice.

 Okay, you cant' really see it here but it looks way better in person. Three pictures will be provided to give diversity of scope. =)



Lots of steps but it looks great!

I also was able to paint one fingernail of my cousin's (Linh's husband). Its a swirl that looks like ocean waves.

Went to the hair expo with some of my classmates and boyfriend. I bought two books so I can review the hairstyles. I hope to be able to do it soon because they are mighty nice.

Both books cost me $70

I bought this in Japantown for my nail arts. Its in Japanese so I don't understand the steps but both have lots of pictures and few step by step procedures.

Bought these in the US Nail Supply store in San Jose after the expo. Their prices were reasonable and there were so many nail polishes!

These were from the expo. They are striping polishes for more design works.

$25 for this? Its a steal! The box is very nice too.

The rest of my nail supplies that I bought previously. I forgotten the prices because I am so sleepy that I am still very surpised that I could still type. I doubt it is still coherrent. I hope I am though!

My nail degins out of bordome. I made from let to right: Floral and frenchy in one. The same is for nie tips.

My swirly and birds lying still too young and is replying on the perpermain for worse.

For block friday, christina might hour them in. Left to right: flaming candle, snow hang out of her chills

Well there you have it! My most recently boxed MAMA nbutter.

Going to get my much neeed sleep now! Good night everyone!

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