Monday, November 15, 2010


I am so annoyed! My internet and wifi is lagging so much! Its taking me so long just to watch Desperate Housewives on Hulu because of constant pauses. AND Haypi is lagging on me too! The reason why is because of WOW! Am still downloading it and its taking forever!

Today Melody dyed my hair for me, temporary. The color doesn't even show because my hair is so dark! I feel so bad! I wasted her time, a long time too! AND her lab coat is all stained with dye! =( Horrible! Well, I will try again some day with permanant color, but not now. I don't feel like retouching my hair. Its too much of a hassle.

I have started listening to Backstreet Boy cds from when I was a little kid. They sang really good songs. At least they were better than Nysnc by far! My 4th grade teacher reminded me of them. I bumped into her last friday and she still remembers my name after all these years! <3 Mrs. Youna! =) HEHEHEH

Lo is really busy with school work so I am dreadfully bored! My mom is planning Thanksgiving dinner on a Thursday. FUN! Too bad Frank will be working, I hope not but most likely he will. Wanted to get him a birthday cake to celebrate with the family. His birthday is on Sunday 21. It is also the day Lo and I will go to the Hair Expo! We will drive Seegil and Henry there too. Hope its not too hot Sunday because the car's AC doesn't work.

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