Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 Mom bought these for me a week ago! =) She is a great mom when shes not moody. I really like these! Comfortable because I walk alot! Am a speed walker here! I am not a shoe person and usually wear the same shoe everyday until someone buys me a new one. =( I am the oddest girl ever huh. I prefer nice jackets or purses than shoes. Though I really want to buy flats! They are simple to wear and goes with most of my clothes.
 While in school today, Melody whipped out her nail polish supplies and we started messing around with them. She was really into the Christmas theme and who wouldn't be? Great songs, fun, love and family! Here's what I did. ALL ME! =)

From left to right: Koi fish, Christmas tree, teddy bear, bumble bee
 I like the Sesame Street characters and they are the easiest to do.

Left to right: Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar, Cookie Monster!

I would love to do them for Amber! In fact, I was inspired by her while doing this. I want to do her nails and was thinking of something more age appropriate.
These last three are not my favorite. I really like Hello Kitty but this is very displeasing. Oh well.

Left to right: Hello Kitty and two leopard patterns

I am really sleepy now. going to call it a night soon. Haypi will take the backseat for today. Just farming to max out my crops. WOW is still in download mode.. its really taking too long! My internet is slow though. Ah well, good night all!

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