Saturday, November 6, 2010


SO, over these past weeks I have been taking various pictures of my schooling and have yet to post them up. Now that I have the time, I will do so! Yippie!

 My first attempts to french braid! It took me over ten tries to do this. I kept going at it the wrong way having never braided hair before. This was the best of all my tries of that day. I did not have anything to tie the end together. OH WELL =)
This was after I was able to to the French braid correctly without messing up at the beginning. Still not good but better than before. This style was what I wanted during my high school days to look cute. My mom did not know how to do it for me. Its okay. I can do this for my future kids!
 Neat on the sides!
 I really hate doing this when assigned. It is messy, time consuming and it isn't my style. I like a natural look or a resemblance to it. This look is way too structured and stiff.
 Side view. When the hair dries out, it is supposed to have a Marylin Monroe look or today's face of old Hollywood glamor, Christina Aguilera (love her voice!)
 My roller set. I don't have the picture of after I combed it out. This is a more enjoyable assignment. It is simple, fast and the look is soft and voluminous.
 My first attempts and to this day, my only attempt, to do nail tips. This is Lo's hand! HEHEHE Such a sweet heart! I had no one to practice on so he gave his hand for me to play with. Don't worry folks! I did not let him leave like that! Or did I? Hmm I most likely did.. Evil of me huh. I prefer men hitting on him as oppose to women. I did the French manicure part myself! The flowers are done by hand too. (nail tips are fake tips added to real nails!)
 This is out of order, but in any case, my baby Andre on Halloween! My sweet baby pumpkin! I don't like him on my bed but he keeps going up after a few days of behaving. He likes to test me and that's okay! I love his stubbornness.
 Mom bought these for me! They are way better than the ones my school included with the kit. I love the weight of these and the way it moves so easily. $50 for the both of them and made in Japan. I was told by instructors that shears made in Japan or Germany are best.
 My brushes for nail art designs! $12. My Lucky magazine in the background and my closed box of shears.
Just got my tickets today via mail! YES! Bought four tickets to the San Francisco Nutcracker!! I wanted to go during my birthday but mom wanted to have the party that day. She wants my cousin to be there so I bought more pricey tickets to fit our schedule. Plus, the seats are awesome! Lo and I went there two years ago and it was amazing! I wanted to share that experience with my parents.

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