Monday, November 1, 2010


HIIIII I AM BACK!!!!! Since my last posting, I was not able to blog because I kept getting redirected to google analyics. It was SO frustrating and I am so happy I am able to now! =) YAY! THANK YOU LO FOR FIXING MY PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!

Alot has happened since my last posting. =) I cut Lo's hair and badly for the first time. It was so bad that I cried because I ruined my Lo. His hair is fixed now but it was a truamatic experience for me. He trusted me with his head and I ruined it. He was great about it all but still, I ruined my Lo's head!

I can now do french manicures and am currently learning how to do the swirly design. I keep forgetting to bring my fake nails home to practice. OH WELL! =). I have also been cutting real client's hairs! YAY! The easy ones that require little knowledge. I feel that if it started with easy only, I will more be comfortable holding my tools and using them. Right now, I am not so certain and the lack of instruction is horrible to my progress. When I do need help, no one is in sight to ask.

Lo and I are still playing Haypi Kingdom. Our rankings have increased alot since our beginnings! We are now ranking top ten! I am currently 7 and he is 9! WOW! In the entire world! Lo is a fantastic gamer. =) I spent over $100 in this game between the both of us and because of that, we ranked up so much. Now we both have been growing tired of the game. There is not much else to do than to just build, farm, sell and repeat! But, we have responsiblities to our Gambit alliance and sub alliance Royal. Our members are loyal to us (we hope!) and we are supposed to help them out when in need. Its like a full time job with no benefits. Well, the friendships are a plus but even that isn't so rewarding because most times the chatroom is dead. The players I like in there are Cren and Foreverrun. They talk alot and are really kind. However, it is just a game and I understand that they fleeting. I think Lo gets jealous of Cren but come on! Guys... they are so lame.

I have  been lacking so much sleep because of this Haypi Kingdom. I really need to cut back. =( Lo too! Poor guy!

Hour ago was Halloween! so HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN! Andre was dressed as my pumpkin! SO CUTE! He slimmed down enough for the costume to fit him without being to snug. That is such a great difference to before! I could not even get the bottoms to come together because he was so overweight. Well, good night all! I will post pictures of my baby tomorrow. Going to start blogging more to make up to loss times.

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