Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just Because

Since playing Haypi Kingdom, I have yet to read a book! Oh dear me! Ah well, life goes on. =)

Going to watch Tangled soon! Lo and I already watched the new Harry Potter movie. I did not like it because the movie did a poor interpretation of the characters in the book. I have reread the books every summer and listened to the audio almost everyday (except now because I lost the audio). I feel that I know them and the movie did not do the book justice. With all the wonderful special effects, their most important part was the portrayal of the characters and that went sour. Again, life goes on. I will still watch the second part when it comes out because I love the story. I felt that my childhood ended when I finished the seventh book. I want to relive my childhood again with the last movie. After all, I grew up reading the books and waiting for it to finish.

Good night all!

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