Friday, November 12, 2010

Girlfriends, Boyfriend and other

I enjoyed school very much today! Candy and Melody were such a hoot! I found my new posse. OH! And Jenny volunteered to clock me in the mornings because I keep arriving to school two hours late. WOOPS! Funny stuff. Melody is such an amazing person and I want her to have the best life ever! Candy is just Candy, such a sweet heart. Jenny is her own person. She takes no crap and its funny to piss her off then make her smile again. She likes to run away from my embraces. But she knows she likes it! Hmm, I am feeling very giddy at the moment. Anyway, back to my day. I brought most of my nail polish collection to school. Boy it was heavy! My collection is made up of only OPI and China Glaze. Melody took her's out too and we both played around with designs while getting to know each other. She is one fantastic person with incredible stories! I love hearing people's lives; it is better than a book because it is real so it makes it more interesting. She was telling me about the times she got high with so much gusto and it was so hilarious! Makes me want to experience it too.. I wonder how I would be like. Would burgers talk to me? Would 3d movies seem crazy real to me? Sounds like an adventure that I may partake some day on a trip to Amsterdam! Or when marajuana is legalized. I uphold the law and abide it. I got Melody to not jaywalk! =) I will be a good future police's wife. Cheers! I just need Lo to follow laws too... but he sucks. He speeds way too much and if he ever gets a ticket, it will prevent him from being a cop! So he should watch himself.

Currently downloading World of Warcraft! I get to play it soon! I hope tomorrow! OH! Lo and I will be rearranging my room on Saturday! HEHAHHAAHHAA
There will be lots of cleaning needed as I have accumulated alot of stuff. Well, good night!

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