Monday, November 8, 2010

Book Recommendation: Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

FingersmithFingersmith by Sarah Waters

Briefly, this book was amazing with its twists. I knew there was supposed to be many surprises and expected to be surprised but wow! This book was really well written. A story of a thieve's daughter who was sent to aid in plan of evil and lies. This evil scheme was to rob a young, angelic maiden of her inheritance. Well, the story is way better than how I could type it. You just have to read it and see for yourself! I must have to add that if you are conservative, than this book is not for you. Otherwise it is a very awesome piece of work and I was awe stricken not once, not twice but three times!

Should get it from Amazon if interested; it is cheaper. I bought my copy from Borders for $16. The picture is a direct link if desired


Lo wants to introduce me to World of Warcraft (demo) this week! I am excited! He downloaded the Pocket Legend application for me today and I tried it out for a bit. It is much more complicated than Haypi Kingdom. Though the chatroom there is horrible... alas, can't have it all! Then again, it might not be so bad because I am still getting used to it. It seems like a fun game though. I am rebuilding my troops again for Haypi. I will continue playing but not so much as before. Lo is taking me to Cake Art tomorrow! Quynh told me the place is in San Rafael and has a bunch of baking supplies! I love crafts and cake decorating seems fun too! BUT I DON"T HAVE MONEY! =( What to do?? I should ask him to take me elsewhere. Maybe we should just go watch a movie! I think that would be a better idea. He prefers movie time anyway. He can pay for the tickets! HEHE I am so cool. No lie.

and I still have yet to get a gift for Hang's birthday! Horrible friend I am! I forgot her birthday was coming up and I can easily blame Haypi but that would be a lie. I just forgot. =( I'll call her up soon when I can think up what to get her. Maybe something Hello Kitty! She likes Kara's banana cupcakes. I could get her a dozen.. but she wouldn't eat them all so that would be wasteful.

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