Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday/Christmas Wishlist

For the poor souls whose birthdays landed on December, especially close to Christmas, they suffer a mediocre celebration of their births and gifts that are said to be both Christmas and birthday. Which, when compared to their cousins (am the only child), they receive considerably less because their friends and family do not separate the two dates. I am referring to myself of course and do not know if others experience the same injustice! =) Its okay though. My birthday always has cake! My family are mostly Buddhists but enjoy the spirit of Christmas anyway. The love and energy in the air is very infectious that one can't help but be merry and bright too. That being said, I have no religious beliefs but uphold my own ethical and moral stance on life. I have seen and read too much to rely on any singular structural belief system. Hmm, I do not mean that those who are religious are not well read and any of the sorts, that is absolutely untrue. Each religion has its pros and cons and I will not allow any entity to tell me how to live my life (my parents are already too much for me as it is). Even then, I do not agree with some if not, most of their views but listen and obey them out of love and gratitude. Religion is what keeps people going in life and I already have my own driving force.

This blog entry will be for my birthday and Christmas wishlist. I highly doubt I will get any of these because I will not tell anyone to and because they are pricey. These are just mere fantasies and day dreams that I hope to own one day. I prefer buying my own items so once I start working, they will be mine! <3 So my list will consist of mild to very extravagant items just because its on the pretense of WISH and desire, not want and acquire (at present time). Pictures included to prevent confusion as to what I want. Hehe

1. Mercedes car (suv!) I don't know what its called nor did I look it up because I do not want to get high hopes on something that I may never own. But it is nice to fantasize anyway. I see this car everyday in my parking lot area of my home every time I walk to school. It looks mighty beautiful. Sad thing is, we don't own any car to begin with so our space is empty if Lo doesn't come.

2. LV bag, only the one I have been eying for a very long time. maybe over four years. Darn it, could have afford it a year ago if I hadn't had the crazy business venture and blew my savings out the window.

3. Chanel purse. I am undecided as to what color. I am more inclined to get the white one but white gets dirty easily and it would be shameful to subject such a purse to wear and tear! Black is more concealable but like I said, I am more favorable to white at the moment. It looks very beautiful doesn't it.

4. I was so excited when they first announce the release of Iphone4. I waited for the white version to come out of they have yet to. White looks so clean and classy to me. I will still wait for the white one and will get it when it comes out. Until then, wait wait wait. I am patient but get very jealous of those who do have it.

5. Trip with just Lo and I to Hawaii. Would be so much fun! Like a paradise dream with my Lo.

6. A trip with Lo and a few friends would be fun. We will gamble and have drinks! I have yet to go drinking so it will be an adventure to partake. Of course if I would go with Lo only, I would love to go see the shows! There are just so many I would love to see!

7. I believe dobermans are the most beautiful and sexiest dogs ever! They radiate strength and power. I prefer one that has natural tail though.

8. Thailand with Lo! The place has such amazing foods and great beach fun! I love how there are wild dogs there. Just to see but never touch! The people there are really friendly too!

 9. Two tickets to the Academy of Science! I have yet to go there and heard it is very worth the trip!

10. Two tickets to the San Francisco Modern Art Museum! I went there long long ago with Flor and remembered that I enjoyed it very much! I wish to go there again with Lo.

11. Two tickets to the San Francisco Symophony for the Christmas music! I love Christmas songs!

12. I have started on my collection of this manga, but need to buy the rest. I need vol 24+. Good thing there are very kind translators online who posts up the new chapters for non Japanese people to enjoy. There are just so many to read!

13. I really like Hello Kitty items! They are uber cute and totally useless! My room is a little girl's dream because it has lots of Sanrio stuff that were gifts since childhood. I keep my toys untouched because I like them long lasting.

14. Itouch charger. My charger is glitching.
 15. Hair cutting/ styling/ dying dvds and/or books. It would help me lots!

16. Cute and comfortable male dog clothes for my Andre. He needs more cute doggy wear now that its raining and his clothes gets wet from the walks. He may need his own umbrella too! =)

17. Magazine subscriptions!!!!!! <3 Mine are almost over and I need to renew them! I want Glamour, Lucky, Allure and Instyle. I would like Cosmopolitan, but that would be after I get every thing else. Cosmo, I feel has nothing new after the first year of reading. I mean, how many new positions and hot men(whom are not at all) can one think up of when its all covered already. I just like reading that magazine for their blooper spread. Its funny.

18. A complete spa treatment at Kabuki Springs and Spa with Lo. I would love to have a nice massage, facial and a nice bath! Just heavenly! I have had two massages long ago. Once in China for foot massage and another in Thailand for their Thai massage. I enjoyed the Thai one very much. I fell asleep because it was so soothing

19. I would love to get a new bed set. I am very picky of the one I would like and ingeneral, they are pricey. I like a more nature-y feel and lots of fluff! The more fluffy the comforter, the better it is for me!

20. Flowers!!!!!! I rather do the arranging myself but would love the opportunity to select my flowers and create pretty pieces. It was my own self meditation. But it would be nice to receive a pretty arrangement! =) I like calla lilies, dahlia, peonies, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, lilacs,  and other cool looking greens.

Well, there you have it. My "small" wishlist. All the images were taken from other web sources. I googled images. I do not claim any ownership of any photo on this blog post. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Very impressive list! Especially wanting tickets to the Moma and the Academy of Sciences.