Sunday, September 26, 2010

My baby Andre is now 3 years and 2 days old!!!!!!!!!! (0^__^0)

<-- was taken on his birthday. Poor baby! I forgotten about his day and trapped him in a bag and hung him on my door. He was so heavy! I only left him there to take a picture. Cute huh!

Lo and I watched two movies Saturday! Easy A and The Town. Both were good but not outstanding. The best movie of recent date was Avatar! Anyway, Easy A was a "well, DUH- what did you expect" kind of movie. Olive, the protagonist, did this to herself. Watch and you will understand what I mean. I do not spoil movies. =). The Town's ending was agreeable to my standards. It suits his own "karma" if you believe in that stuff. I enjoyed the romance of both movies for different reason. One was more kiddie and sweet. The other contained more love and err intimacy.

We paid for the first movie and sneak into the other. I do not recommend this. However, we did save alot of money and ate pizza with my parents after. Spent $20 (which is such a great feat for us as we usually spend more on other days). Good day =)

This picture is from the back of my mannequin. The bun is still a bit too big for my liking but as it being my first, I think that I did rather well. My vision of this updo was not this messy. The curls were supposed to be neat and organized
From the side. The curls limped so the bottom is more heavy than I wanted it to be. This is a very simple and elegant look. <3 it
The front picture. You can see my SMA set up too! Well, part of it.

I did this on free-day Friday. My first updo with horrible hair supplies. I used clips used for rollers and did not have hairspray to hold my finish style. The curls limped shortly. I would love this style for my wedding, but I will most likely leave my hair down and give myself wavy curls.

Well, good night all! Tomorrow is another long week of school. I can't wait until Friday! Lunch with Lo and starting the weekend all over again!

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