Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mom, baby and Lo

I love my mom! I did mention her emtional abuse, but she has been better since then. She does manual labor and her body aches all over to provide for the family. That is why I want to hurry up with my education! I want to help out and ease her off this stress. She is just bitter inside and her body makes her irritable. Both my dad and I understand, but we can only take so much before we blow up. ANYWAY, I love my dad too! He is a wonderful father and a weird grandfather to my baby Andre. By the way, I went home early and took Andre for a walk. Both my parents came home to find the house empty and went crazy looking for him. My poor dad was yelled at lots by my mom for being careless. Woops! I did leave a message on the answering machine (that they didn't hear until I returned home). I am extremely pleased that they both love my baby dog now. It took a long time for them to give in. I will now tell you my story of how my baby came into my life.  -it is pretty long

Ever since I could remember, I had always wanted a dog. My parents and I used to live in a studio located in the TL. It was way too small for another being, or so my parents told me. They opted for fishes instead. I had many over the years and each of them died over the years. None of them had my interest, let alone my love. My dad took me to Chinatown and bought me a baby chick which then grew into a rooster. It was a mean old thing and no, I did not love it. My parents bought me a rabbit and yes, I liked it alot. However, it never had a name because I did not know its gender. The rabbit was later killed by my aunt's neighbor's dog. We left it with my aunt to go on vacation. I do hope it died fast and painlessly. It was a beautiful thing: pure white with beautiful pinkish red eyes. Since then, I had turtles (one I favored but passed away, I still regret it leaving me), more fishes, nano pets, Tamigachis and Gameboys. None of then could fill the void of my very own dog. I remember when I was in middle school, I cleaned a space for a dog to sleep and told my dad. He said no. My mom was more gentle by saying that she wanted dogs too, but there was no space.

To fast forward, during my senior year in high school, we moved to a bigger home! YAY! I finally have my own room after sleeping on the floor and in small closets! Still, my parent's excuses changed into: the carpets are white. They wanted to keep our new home clean and were worried that having a dog would ruin the house. I had enough! I waited enough! There was just too much waiting and now is my chance and I was going to take it. I spent a few months reading about the care and training of puppies. I looked through ads for a puppy around my price range and their looks. I wanted a black and tan coat on my dog and a small one to start off with. I believe it was in December when I finally felt ready and had choosen. After calling the seller, I contacted my friend for a ride to Daly City. The day before I was supposed to buy my puppy, I bought all the nessicities and planned where to put my pup and made a list of names I would pick from.

The day of was a nerve wreck! My parents still had no idea and I went with two friends to get him. I did not know which him I wanted, but I knew I wanted a male dog. When I first stepped into the house, this awful dog smell hit my face. It took a while to adjust. The sellers took out four puppies that ran around all over the place. They were so small and so cute! However, their nails were so long and sharp that it hurted my skin. I called out randomly for them to come to me. One did! I picked it up and played with it briefly and put it down. I called out again and the same one kept coming over to me! He picked me! I held him on the way home. He was shaking alot and was whining. It pained me so much, that is, until he barfed many times and pooped! It stank the car SOOOO BAD!!!!!!!! And my poor hands and clothes!!!!!!! My poor friend!!! His car was soiled. What an experience that was. We gave him multiple baths upon arriving to my home. My dad was not happy at all! He did not want anything to do with my mutt. My mom was livid! My family even told me to give him back or sell him off. I was angry for their suggestion but felt pressured to list him to sell. I did have callers who were interested in seeing him but I had lied and said he was already sold. I wanted him. He picked me and I want him. See, I had already fallen in love with him and cannot and could not let him go.

I trained him within a mere hour to sit upon command. I trained him to shake hands, roll over, play dead, stay and sit properly in the car! He is my child and I love him. He slowly and gradually earned my parent's love. He is my crazy little baby head and I love his stubborn ways. I like that he doesn't always listen because I want him to have his own mind too. He is like me, his mommy! =)

Dearest Lo, I love you too! =)
and Thank you lots for letting me practice french manicure on you! =) hot and sexy nails now!

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