Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lo and Behold

YAY! I am finally able to post a message! Firefox kept redirecting me to another site: It was SO frustrating! Lo suggested to try Internet Explorer instead and it works! Yippie! I have been wanting to post for a long time but prevent to.

Well, I am officially sick. Was feeling my crappiest yesterday so I decided to stay home today. Darn it! I wanted to go to school because the advance instructor was supposed to show a new technique on hair coloring. However, the smells from the chemicals makes me feel so much worse. AND Lo is sick too so we wouldn't be able to jog. Had he been healthy, I would have made efforts to go to school just to jog afterward. If I stayed home (and I did), my parents would not allow me to jog at all. I want to get healthy asap so I can jog again! I missed five days already and feel so bad about it! I find myself getting better and better at this. I can see my waist getting smaller but wish the rest of me would decrease in size too. In time it will.

Anyway, I slept for most of the day today. Usually I sleep very little but today was great. I dreamt of many things but remember one. I dreamt that my parents, Lo and I were in a dark parking garage and were being targeted for something by bad people. My dad broke into a very black car with extremely tinted windows. I drove the car to the TL to save my cousin. The car turned out to be batman's car and it was amazing in there! We then left the car to go help my cousin out but when we came back for it, it changed into an old ugly car to disguise itself. The identifying characteristic of it was the tinted windows. I remember feeling so happy and feeling like such a daredevil while driving it.

Around 6pm, while I was showering, Lo came by! Missed him! I haven't seen in since Tuesday after our dinner at the best fried rice restaurant in the city, Kingdom of Dumplings. Well, walking out the the bathroom, I saw this --->
A cute "get well soon" balloon!!!!! HEHEH what a surprise!

The balloon was just the icing! There was a card and tasty goodies! HEHEH being sick rocks!

Inside the card!

Woops! Sorry Lo! Even though I read your card first, I couldn't resist candies! I ran out of my 5 pound box of milk chocolates earlier this morning. Lo is pretty intuitive of my needs since I told him nothing =)


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