Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just another Sunday

Lo and I went to the Viz Cinema today to watch the movie called "People I've Slept With." It was a low budget film about a woman's choice to keep her baby while trying to find its father. She finds a man who she actually falls for during her quest and well, you should watch it (with an open mind). The acting may be flawed at some points, but it was an over-all good story with lovable characters. Our favorites, Lo's and mine, were the gay men. They brought depth, sensitivity and humor.

On a different note, my friend's birthday passed and I still haven't gotten a gift for her! I am at total lost of what to get her!!!! My cash is low and I don't want to get her useless junk. I want to give her something useful and nice =( ! I will be seeing her Thursday. I need ideas! Mine are: OPI nail polishes with nail kit (but I believe she could afford to get lots of manis and pedis in salons), Hello Kitty gifts (but what uses are they? sure they are sooo darn cute, but they are just for display), gift card seems unpersonalized!!!! AH ME! X(

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