Thursday, September 9, 2010


Since August, I have been cutting my food intake. That is a very good thing because I have been eating more foods than I had to- resulting to my increase in weight! It was hard at the beginning but grew easier and easier each day. Jogging is something I look forward to do but when the time comes, I get wary. It tires me out very fast but I do enjoy my accomplishments! Thank you Lo! Anyway, since I have been cutting my food intake, my cravings have increased due to lack of indulgence. What I mean is this: when I crave for a burrito, I would not get to satisfy my tummy until much later. By the time I do eat one, the craving moves on to another food like pho.

I have decided to make a list of all my cravings in the past that have yet to be satisfied and my current. They will be listed in random order, whichever pops into my head first.
  1. steak burrito
  2. fish tacos
  3. milk tea with coffee jelly
  4. pizza
  5. pineapple fried rice from King of Thai
  6. Buckhorn's California burger with mushrooms
  7. Buckhorn's salmon sandwich with mushrooms
  8. Carl's Jr' jalopeno burger
  9. King of dumpling's fried rice and dumplings
  10. dimsum at Hong Kong Lounge
  11. Subway sandwich
  12. Sophie's crepes: turkey, cheese with veges
  13. Sophie's crepes: tuna, cheese with veges
  14. katsu donburi
  15. sushi (cooked)
  16. bun rieu
  17. pho
  18. hot and sour soup
  19. Mongolian beef
  20. Viking's submarine with lots of jalopenos
  21. First Cup's sandwich with lots of jalopenos
  22. In-and-Out's cheese burger, animal style
  23. clam chowder at the pier
  24. Lee's sandwiches' meatball sandwich, the way I used to make it when I worked
  25. Saigon's sandwich with pate
  26. Les Ros' yellow curry and minced chicken with rice
  27. Wontons (fried or boiled)
  28. Shanghai dumplings
  29. Thai Time's pad thai
  30. Wingstop
I believe there are more.. but I need to go to bed. Early day tomorrow!

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