Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cost of beauty

During my lunch break I went to the beauty supply store to buy waxing and nail supplies. Grand total of $100+ for today's spending. Not bad for a jobless student. Now, you may believe that over 100bucks for just beauty supplies is over the top, but in the long run, I will be saving.

Wax supplies:
[a] wax machine
[b] roll of wax strips
[c] wooden sticks (medium)
[d] astringent/wax remover
[e] wax (for sensitive skin)

Nail supplies:
[a] elle polish
[b] brush
[c] fake nails
[d] acrylic powder (so expensive!!!)
[e] acrylic liquid
[f] brush cleanser
[g] 5 empty bottles for school

I have done my first french manicure on a dear classmate. She was so sweet to teach me and volunteer herself to be my guinea pig. Since she only had red polish, I gave her a red tip (I used her supplies since I didn't have any until today).

My supplies will be for home use only! I will jealously guard my supplies because they are MINE MINE MINE! Yes, I am the only child.. phew. Ah well, I will bring some to school to practice, but I worry that my stuff will be stolen as it does happen. My classmates' items gets taken all the time. Not good for me because I have very nice things. A majority of my polishes are OPI, Elle and China Glaze! Expensive stuff! Pictures of my collections will be posted after I finish organizing my shelf. I had to move around my many books to have a space solely for my beauty items. I really need a new bookcase, desk and a table dedicated for beauty stuff only. Alas me, I have no room!

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