Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomorrow and Twilight

I hope that Lo does not frequent my blog, especially tonight's posting. Trying to be loyal to my blog, I will post up tomorrow's plans.

Lo and I are to meet our friend, Pim tomorrow for lunch. I hope to eat something light and cheap because I would like to take Lo to watch Eat Pray Love with me. The reviews are fairly good. Having never read the book, I will get to see this movie without any biases. 

Bias, that reminds me of my current views. Just this week I have taken to rereading the Twilight series. After reading it the first time, I was not pleased. Granted, Harry Potter just ended and I loved the story! I had hoped Twilight would have the same magic, pun intended, that Harry Potter did. It did not. The story dragged and the contents were not as grandeur as I hoped. I gave the movies a chance and found the vampire characters displeasing. They were not the beauty I had read about at all! It was such a slap in the face, so insulting to be told over and over that they were supposed to be very handsome and beautiful but knowing they are not. In the movie, I feel myself leaning toward to character of Jacob. That's right, I am team Jacob for the movie. At least his character was less of a pompous and more sincere. Edward's character seemed like he was constipated most times. This summer I have no job which meant a lot of time. So, I decided to give it another go and find myself team Edward in the book. Anyway, I am on my third book and will be done with it within 30 minutes. I find that I do enjoy the romance because I am still a young teenage girl at heart. It is such a romantic fantasy!

Ps. I love Lo! =)

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