Monday, August 2, 2010


Over the years I have accumulated many scars but only in the recent two years the injuries were more severe. Of course they were never life threatening. I would like to dedicate this blog to give recognition to all of my scars since they have indeed left ever lasting marks of history and stupidity. The scars will be listed based on the oldest to the most recent. There will be a brief summary of how I acquired them, my feelings during then and now and so forth.

1.Chin- I was young, sweet and innocent. That, and I was also small that the need for a chair to stand on to reach the bathroom sink was needed. I was brushing my teeth and I supposed I swivled or swayed. The chair toppled over and my chin banged into the sink. My chin required stitches or something like that. Even to this day I am not sure what I needed. I do remember going into a room where people in white (I had no idea they were doctors at the time) put a white cover over my eyes and I felt my chin being prodded on for some time. There are pictures of me with a bruised chin. I was a sturdy and cute kid =).

2. Feet- My old shower had those glass doors where you had to slide them back and forth. I liked it because that was all I knew and it worked. The second door was broken at a certain point and I was told not to use that one. However, younger me had not taken this precaution seriously and when I opened that door after a shower, glass shattered all over. They broke into tiny, minuscule pieces and I was scare to move in case I get cut. My dad had to carry me out of the bathroom and my blood was all over the glass. The only cut that gave me a scar was on my left feet. This was when I was in elementary school.

3. Index finger- Now, fast ward many years until last Fall of 2009. I was cutting stryofoam with a huge knife. I was foolish and faced the knife toward myself to give more strength into cutting. It happened very fast and the stryofoam broke and the knife hit into my left index finger really hard. Blood seeped out like no tororrow. That was my most scary experience as of then! My skin opened up to see white bone!!! I was alone and so scared. When Lo came back to me, he helped buy those bandages and the finger brace. The blood! It came out like a scary movie. I did not go seek medical help but let it heal on its own. I should have, but I could not under circumstances. My finger has healed now but occasionally it gets very stiff when it comes to bending it. I stretch it out whenever I feel any aches.

4. Nose- Now this is the scar I regret the most. Anything but the face! I was hiding from Lo for fun and moved too fast to notice the table and banged into it. My nose's alignment went off and I was so scared that I would need surgery. Lucky me, it was just the cartilage so no invasive repair was needed. Yay! I broke my nose on Mother's Day 2010. It has healed but the freaking scar remains! Oh well, make up could cover it since the scar is so small, but I rather it not be there at all!

Please, I do not want any more scars! My body has enough. Thank you very much!

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